Próspero Acevedo-Peña Self Ordered TiO2 Anodic Structures for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation: from Nanoporous to Sponges like Films ise124519
Suresh Kumar Aggarwal Electrochemical Studies on Utilization of Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Modified Gold Electrode for Determination of Uranium and Plutonium ise124632
Shahzada Ahmad Electrical field assisted growth of polymers: Electrode Materials for Energy Applications ise131179
Leigh Aldous Correlating the electrochemical and thermal stability of ionic liquids in contact with (electro)catalytic substrates ise131054
Nadezda Alexeyeva Graphene-TiO2 Composite Supported Pt catalyst for ORR ise124929
Alejandro Alonso Gold and Silver Anodic Electrodeposition from Thiosulfate Solutions ise131623
Nicolas Alonso-Vante Probing the Interaction Between Platinum Nanoparticles and Graphitic Domains of Carbon ise130587
Mario Alpuche-Aviles Stochastic Interactions between Electrodes, Colloidal TiO2 Nanoparticles and Aggregates ise131258
Lucía Alvarado Ionic conductivity changes in the resin bed by conditioning effect in an Electrodeionization system ise131012
Yolanda Alvarez-Gallego Fuel Cells Revisited as Chemical Production Technology ise124830
Yasunobu Ando Anion reduction of ionic-liquid molecules coupled with electron transfer from lithium electrodes studied by first-principles calculations ise124648
Georgina Armendariz-Vidales Molecular structure as determining factor of the rate of electron transfer for quinonoid molecules ise124664
Juan Manuel Artés Vivancos Electrochemical Properties of the Redox Protein Azurin at the Single Molecule Level ise130413
Pablo D. Astudillo-Sánchez Low-barrier proton transfer complex formation by electrochemical and chemical routes between the quinone dianion and hydroquinone ise130451
Cesar Augusto Duarte Rodrígues Corrosion Resistance on the Nitrocarburized Layer of the Supermartensitic Stainless Steel Microalloyed with Niobium ise130623
Verónica Ávila Vázquez Comparison of Synthesis of Antimony-Doped Tin Dioxide Supports on the Oxygen Evolution Reaction ise131205
Prashant Bagri Study of the Effects of Solution Chemistry on the Cathode Morphology in Industrial Gold Electrowinning ise131570
Priscilla G L Baker Electrochemical evaluation of hydrophilic polysulfone membrane material performance ise130504
Helmut Baltruschat O2 Reduction and Evolution at Chalcogenide Surfaces: STM and Isotopic Exchange ise130783
Jiri Barek New Electrode Materials for Environmental Electroanalysis of Biologically Active Organic Compounds ise124521
Prabeer Barpanda The Crystal/ Magnetic Structure, Redox Mechanism andHigh-rate Capability in Pyrophosphate OxyanionicCathodes for Secondary Sodium-ion Batteries ise124471
James Y. Becker Electrochemical Oxidation of Amides of Type Ph2CHCONHAr ise124825
Christopher Bell Butler-Volmer Parameter Estimation using Chronoamperometry at an Ultra-Microdisk Electrode ise124812
Federico Bella Photoelectrochemical Characterization of UV-Crosslinked Polymer Electrolytes with Non-Conventional Additives: Towards Efficient and Durable Quasi-Solid DSSCs ise130548
Tânia Benedetti EIS studies of ion conduction in poly(ionic liquid) membranes ise130682
Rodnei Bertazzoli Reticulated â-PbO2 Anode for Emerging Pollutants Oxidation: Application to Diazepinic Compounds ise131383
Renata Bilewicz Wiring of Enzymes to Electrodes in Biological Fuel Cells ise131652
Frédéric Blaffart On the Transition from Dense to Porous Anodic Silica ise124499
maria valnice boldrin zanoni Photoelectrocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Methanol on Photocathode Cu/Cu2O ise131569
Nicephore Bonnet A First-Principles Study of the Dynamical Coupling between CO and the Electrolyte on a Pt Surface ise130780
Brenda Borbón Electrochemical Decontamination of Dairy Wastewater ise131344
Gerardine Botte Strategies in Teaching Electrochemistry for Energy Storage ise131241
Stanko Brankovic Underpotential Deposition on Submonolayer Modified Au(111) – The Prelude to Synthesis of True Bi-functional Monolayer Catalysts ise124660
Harold Braustein Micro-flow Disposable Polymers Electrochemical Kit Biosensor: Quality Assurance Testing Model of Virus Quantification ise124592
Mónica Bravo-Anaya The Scaling of Electrochemical Parameters of DNA Aqueous Solutions with Concentration and Temperature Through an EIS Study. ise130714
Christopher Brett Nanomaterial-Modified Electrodes for Environmental Monitoring ise131500
Rutely Burgos Analysis of electrochemical behavior and spin densities properties of a series of nitroxide radicals: Toward new electronic materials for energy storage devices. ise124668
Olivier Buriez Interaction and Crossing of Redox Tagged Molecules with Supported or Suspended Pure Lipid Bilayers ise124772
Andrew Burke Performance of advanced electrochemical capacitors of Carbon/Carbon and hybrid technologies ise130851
Michael Busch Tuning the Activity of Manganese Oxides for Water Oxidation by Doping with Inert Ions ise130497
Keegan Caldwell XAS Investigation of Anode Poisons in HT-PEMFCs ise130952
Julio Calva Surface potential measurements to guide the selection of CNT-TiO2 matrices in photoelectrochemical cells ise131413
Anaid Cano Quiroz Design of an Electrochemical Reactor Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for a BDD Electrode Configuration. ise131612
Clara Cardona Inhibition Effect of Dimethylbenzimidazole on the Corrosion Behavior of Austenitic Stainless Steel in Acidic Media ise131467
Judith Cardoso Design of a Zwitterionic polymer with a flexible lateral chain and its electrochemistry properties ise131348
Jannu Casanova-Moreno Probing for Heterogeneity in Electrically “Switchable” Layers used for DNA Sensing ise131114
Homero Castaneda Characterizing Lithium Ion Dendrites Growth with Mesoscale Geometry by Frequency Domain Approach ise131253
Sandro Cattarin Electrodeposition of CuNi Alloy Electrodes and their Use for the Reduction of Nitrate Ions in Alkali ise124751
David Cedillo Synthesis of AgVO3 via co-precipitation method, characterization and evaluation of its photocatalytic properties for degradation of dyes ise124670
Monica Cerro-Lopez Enhanced Efficiency for Photoelectrocatalytic Oxidation of Methyl Red using a Hybrid Electrode Material based on Titania Nanotubes ise131726
Eric Chainet Preliminary study of platinum recycling from membrane-electrodes assemblies of PEM fuel cells ise131506
Karen Chan Water Balance Model for Membrane Electrode Assemblies with Ultrathin Catalyst Layers ise124727
Mercedes Paulina Chávez-Díaz Mechanism of passivity the Ti-6Al-4V alloy in a physiological Hank’s solution ise131427
Shen-ming Chen Synthesis and characterization of carbon based composite materials and their application in the construction of enzymatic biofuel cells. ise124449
Yi-Hsiu Chen A Novel Surface Modification Method to Fabricate Silicon/graphene Nanocomposite as Anode Material in Lithium-ion Battery ise131466
Shengli Chen New Mechanistic Insights into the Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Pt(111): A DFT-Based Theoretical Study ise124738
Aicheng Chen Electrochemical Modification and Degradation of Lignin ise124736
Xinqun Cheng Preparation of Sn/C Nanosphere by Hydrothermal Method for Lithium Ion Battery ise130764
Serhiy Cherevko Dissolution of Metals - Benchmarking Stability for Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation ise124466
Kuniko Chihara Electrochemical Properties of Disodium oxocarbon, Na2CxOx [x = 4, 5, and 6] for Sodium Secondary Battery ise131084
Mitsuharu Chisaka Carbon catalyst codoped with boron and nitrogen for oxygen reduction reaction in acid media ise124517
Byungjin Choi Voltage Decay Performance at High Voltage Cycling in Cobalt Content Controlled Lithium and Manganese Rich Oxide ise124804
Fosca Conti Spectroscopic Investigation of the Acid and Water Uptake of Polybenzimidazole Membranes for Fuel Cells ise130601
Lucy Linders Coria Oriundo Modified electrodes with chitosan and patinum particles for rapid determination of Eschericha coli ise131407
Salvador Cotillas Novel electrodisinfection/electrocoagulation integrated process with iron bipolar electrodes for wastewater reuse ise130590
Diego Alfonso Crespo-Yapur Influence of the nature and concentration of the supporting electrolyte on the cooperative behavior of Pt microelectrodes during CO electrooxidation ise131314
Ana Karina Cuentas-Gallegos Development of positive and negative electrodes based on POM-Carbon Nanocomposites for Asymmetric Supercapacitors ise131115
Francisco M. Cuevas Muñiz Stationary Stack Feeding with a Mixed Fuel-Oxidant Solution in Alkaline Media. ise124561
Ekin Dalak Valorization of Benzoate-rich Waste Streams via Microbial-electrocatalysis-driven Fermentation to Cyclohexane carboxylate ise131159
Salvatore Daniele Study of Ag+ ions Release from Silver Nanoparticles Used as Fillers in Food-Packaging Materials ise131613
Przemyslaw Data Fluorescence Spectroelectrochemical Characterisation of Electropolymerization Process ise124587
Adalgisa De Andrade Binary PtSn/C and PtRu/C alloys prepared by the microwave method towards ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline media ise131463
Jesica De Leon Almaguer Flow-Induced Corrosion of API X65 Pipeline Steel in a CO2 Saturated Brine ise131516
Marisol Delgado Performance Comparison of Microbial Fuel Cells with Different Cathodes: Biocathode and Cathode with Platinum ise130622
Sébastien Delile Optimization of the Electrochemical Reduction of Nitromethane for the Development of an Integrated Portable Sensor ise130387
Francesco Di Franco Electrochemical fabrication of amorphous TiO2/Poly-3,4 Ethylenedioxythiophene (PEDOT) hybrid structures for electronic devices ise130558
CRISTIAN M. DIAZ-ACOSTA Well-shaped TiO2 nanotubes films obtained by anodizing of low-purity Ti foils immersed in an HF-free aqueous medium for constructing Grätzel’s type solar cells ise131416
Luís Frederico P. Dick Indirect Determination of Local Stationary Potentiostatic Voltamogramms on CA-15 Stainless Steel Using SVET ise131632
Zhifeng Ding Cisplatin-induced permeability change of single live human bladder cancer cells revealed by scanning electrochemical microscopy ise131608
Xochitl Dominguez-Benetton The Reality Behind the Race for the Highest Current Density with Electrochemically-Active Biofilms ise131299
Constanze Donner Oscillatory passive active transition during pore corrosion in nickel chromium layer systems ise130407
Alison Downard A Covalently-Anchored Carboxyphenyl Monolayer via Aryldiazonium Ion Grafting: Preparation and On-Surface Chemistry ise131035
Chunyu Du Phase-Transfer Synthesis and Electrocatalytic Properties of Pd-linked CeO2 Hybrid Nanostructures ise130758
M. Jazmin Duarte Correa Element-resolved Corrosion Analysis of Gradually Devitrified Amorphous Steels ise130386
Christian Durante Electrocatalysis at Pd Nanoparticles: Effect of the Support Nitrogen Doping on the Catalytic Activation of Carbon-Halogen Bond. ise130512
Rubi Enciso Perez Analysis and Validation of the Hydrodynamics of an Electrodialysis Cell using Computational Fluid Dynamics ise130943
Ricardo Escudero Cid Improved operating conditions for DMFC durability studies with PtCoRu/C as cathodic catalyst ise131082
María Escudero-Escribano Trends in the activity and stability of Pt-alloy catalysts for the ORR: a focus on novel alloys of Pt and lanthanides ise130600
Arturo Estrada-Vargas EIS Measurements on a Micropore Electrode and its Application in AC-SECM ise130762
David Evrard Co-electrodeposition of PEDOT and thiophenylbenzene diazonium: En route towards improved lifetime and reliability of an antioxidative compounds sensor ise130493
Louzhen Fan Electrochemically Generated Highly Fluorescent Graphene Quantum Dots as a Biological Label for Stem Cells ise131491
Juan M. Feliu Structure Sensitivity of Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation and Reduction Reactions ise130372
Francisco Jesus Fernandez Morales Power Response of a Micro-Scale Microbial Fuel Cell for Transient Activation-Deactivations ise130397
Nuno Ferreira Direct Measurement of Ascorbate in the Living Brain Using Carbon Nanotube-Modified Microelectrodes ise131128
Sergio Ferro Electrochemical Oxidation Processes for the Treatment of Water intended for Human Consumption ise124940
Krzysztof Fic Interfacial Phenomena for Capacitive Energy Conversion and Storage ise124500
Marta Figueiredo Using irreversible adsorbed adatoms to enhance the properties of PtC catalysts for DEFC applications ise124472
Alanah Fitch Electrochemistry in Advanced Chemical Analysis ise131352
Alanah Fitch Microbial Electron Transfer at Clay-Modified ITO Electrodes ise131359
Victoria Flexer The Effect of Plasma Treatment of Electrodes on the Development of Electrochemically Active Biofilms ise131394
Philippe Fortgang Effects of Electrical Stress on Commercial LiFePO4 Batteries in Multi-Cell Packs ise130778
Elzbieta Frackowiak Pseudocapacitive Materials for Energy Storage ise131354
Alejandro A. Franco Conversion reactions in lithium ion and lithium air batteries: from multiscale modeling to the electrodes rational design ise131290
Stefano Freguia Electrochemical recovery of iron from mackinawite formed in sewer systems ise124905
K.Andreas Friedrich Investigation of Current Density Distributions of PEM Fuel Cells during Cold Start-up ise131043
Ken-ichi Fukui High Spatial Resolution Interface Analyses of Electrochemical Organic FET with Ionic Liquid ise130779
Kuan-Zong Fung Phase Stability of Composite cathode Consisting of Doped Bismuth Oxide (Y0.25Bi0.75O1.5) and Conducting Perovskite La1-XSrXMeO3-£_ ise131730
Aldo Gago Titanium coatings deposited by thermal spraying for bipolar plates of PEM electrolyzers ise131047
Monica Galicia Electrochemical Characterization of Glassy Carbon Electrode Scaffold Modification with Chitosan/Single Walled and Chitosan/Multi Walled Carbon Nanotube under Flow Regime Influence ise131156
Elizabeth Galvan-Miranda Dendrimer Functionalized SWNT: Electrochemical and Photoinduced Electron Transfer Characterization ise124609
Selvarani Ganesan The role of transition metals and their quantitative estimation in Metal-Nitrogen-Carbon based catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction ise131327
Sergi Garcia-Segura Complete Removal of Chloramphenicol by Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Processes. By-Products Identification and Scaling Up to Pre-Pilot Plant ise124697
Jacek Gasiorowski Ellipsometric spectroelectrochemistry - an insight in the optical properties of doped organic semiconductors ise124945
Magdalena Gebala Self-assembly immobilization and hybridization of DNA onto gold electrodes induced by electric field modulations using potential pulse sequences ise131322
Bart Geboes Surface and Electrochemical Characterisation of a Pt-Cu/C Core-Shell Electrocatalyst, Prepared by Galvanic Displacement ise130911
Silvia Gelover Designing Electrocoagulation Reactors for Silica Removal ise131349
Juan Genesca Opportunities and Challenges in Corrosion Education ise124688
Maria Gómez-Mingot Designing New Multi-Sensor Electrochemical Devices for Monitoring Biomarkers in Embryo Development ise130591
Vinicius Gonçales Three-dimensional electrodes modified with reduced graphene oxide or carbon nanotubes for direct electron transfer of glucose oxidase. ise124838
Laura Gonzalez Macia A Printed Electrocatalyst for the Determination of H2O2 Formed via Enzymatic Reaction of Cholesterol ise124619
Carlos Alberto González Rodríguez Effect of grain size on sensitization of 304 stainless steel ise130903
Lo Gorton Electrochemical Communication between Thylakoid Membranes and Osmium Redox Polymers Modified Electrodes ise130514
Marilia GOULART Electroactive Natural Phenols-based Polymers Applied as Redox Mediators for the Analysis of Antioxidants ise131093
Marc-Antoni Goulet Microfluidic Redox Flow Battery: Device Layout and Operation ise130855
Saurav K. Guin Electrosynthesis of nanoparticles on template free electrode : Influence of potentiostatic pulse strategy ise124631
Matthew Gustafson Photostimulated Bulk Heterojunction Materials for Electrocatalytic Reactions ise130763
Ramona Gutkowski Electrochemical induced deposition of semiconductor films at Pt-Nanoparticles for photoelectrocatalytic energy conversion ise130530
Elodie Guyot Leaching Optimization of Battery Black Mass For Lithium Recovery By Electrochemical Junction Transfer (ETJ) Technology ise130768
Benoit Gwinner Corrosion of Zirconium in Nitric Acid in Absence and Presence of Fluoride ise130470
Jinsu Ha Water Retaining Electrode Design for Low Humidified Mid-Temperature PEMFC ise124893
Byungchan Han Ab-Initio Computational Studies of Doped Graphene Materials for High Functional Catalysts in Fuel Cell Application ise124947
Atetegeb Meazah Haregewoin Comparative Study of the Reduction Mechanisms of Alkyl Carbonates in Lithium Ion Battery ise131100
Eneli Härk Impact of the Various Micromesoporous Derived Carbon Supports to the Slow Oxygen Reduction Reaction Kinetics Before and After the Modification. ise124601
Achim Walter Hassel Photo Electrochemical Scanning Droplet Cell Microscopy on (Fe,Ni,Co)2O3WO4 material libraries and allied systems ise131283
Tom Haufman Corrosion Induced Behaviour of Aluminium Oxides during the Self-assembly of Protecting Organic Monolayers from Ethanolic Solutions: an ORP EIS Study ise130469
Kurt Hebert In Situ Stress Measurements During Formation of Self-Organized Porous Anodic Alumina ise130899
Miguel Hernandez Correlation between Impedance and Noise measurements in Sol-gel hybrid coatings on AA22024-T3 ise130881
Marco Hernández-Escampa Electrochemical Techniques Applied for Corrosion Control of Highway Bridges ise130986
Vianey-Aseret Hernandez-Ramirez Linear/Ring Self-Assembled Oligopeptide Nanostructures and Electroactive Biomaterial ise130740
Renate Hiesgen Nanoscale Structure of Nafion® and Aquivion® Solid Electrolyte Membranes by Atomic Force Microscopy ise131038
Robert Hillman Constrasting Behaviours of Molecular and Fully Ionic Solvent Permeation of Conducting Polymer Films Under Static and Dynamic Conditions ise131199
Seung-Tae Hong Structural Studies of Electrochemical co-intercalation of Magnesium and Proton in Vanadium Pentoxide ise131151
Tsuyoshi Hoshino Development of Lithium Resources Recovery from Seawater by Electrodialysis using Novel Ionic Membrane ise130871
Ren Hu Amperometry in Combination with Small Interfering RNA to Reveal Protein Function in Exocytotic Release of Catecholamine ise130958
Shengnan Hua Corrosion Behavior of Nitriding Stainless Steel for Use of Bipolar plate in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell ise130515
Rui Huang Bi-modified Carbon Supported Pt Nanocatalyst with High-density of Step Atoms and Their Properties for Oxidation of Formic Acid ise124823
Fritz Huguenin Ion Electroinsertion in Self-Assembled Materials for Energy Storage ise130640
Bing Joe Hwang Synthesis and Stabilization of Intermetallic PtM Nanocatalyts with High Activity Towards Oxygen Reduction ise130562
Jorge Ibanez Low Cost Small Scale Electrochemistry Labs ise131512
Minoru Inaba Novel Preparation Methods for Pt-Monolayer Core-Shell Catalysts and Their Activity and Durability in PEFCs ise131387
Mauricio Isaacs Influence of the Counter Anion in “Layer-by-Layer” Tetra-ruthenated Porphyrins Modified-Electrodes on the Electro and Photoelectrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide ise130665
Jordi Jacas Biendicho Novel in-situ neutron diffraction cell for battery materials ise130503
Jana Jaklová Dytrtová Speciation of Pesticides with Metals using Hyphenation of Electrochemical Cell with Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry ise124487
Csaba Janaky Energy Applications of Nanoscale Hybrid Assemblies Based on Oxide Semiconductors ise124501
Alar Jänes Fluoroethylene Carbonate - Propylene Carbonate Solvent Mixtures for Wide Temperature Operating Supercapacitors ise124909
Junhui Jeong Graphene Wrapped Li4Ti5O12 as Anode Materials for High Rate Lithium Ion Battery ise130972
Yan-Xia Jiang Electrochemically Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Platinum Nanocrystals with High Electrocatalytic Activity and Their Shape Evolution ise124616
Carmen Jimenez-Borja Kinetic modeling of the electrochemically promoted CH4 oxidation over Pd catalyst-electrodes ise130536
Sang Hoon Joo Ordered Mesoporous Porphyrinic Carbons with Pt-like Electrocatalytic Activity for Oxygen Reduction ise124902
Ramírez Reyes José Luis Corrosivity of Concrete over Galvanized Steel Exposed to Sea Water ise131428
Viatcheslav Jouikov Electrogenerated Cation Radicals of Metallatranes, their Electronic and Electromechanic Properties: Bridging the Gap to Conjugated Surface Grafting ise131191
Zarko Jovanov Tuning Electrocatalytic Properties of Gold for CO2 Reduction by Electrodeposition ise130393
L. Hector Juárez Numerical Study of an Electrochemical Model for Membraneless Fuel Cells ise124589
Takashi Kakiuchi Single ion activities in 2-1 and 1-2 electrolytes solutions determined potentiometrically by use of an ionic liquid salt bridge ise131418
Padmasree Karinjilottu¨Padmadas Sonochemical Synthesis and Electrical Properties of A2B2O7 Pyrochlores ise124874
Samrana Kazim Synthesis and Properties of Water Soluble Polythiophene-Metal Nanoparticles Composites: SERS Sensing and Optoelectronics Applications ise131286
Elo Kibena Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Studies of Gold Electrodes Modified with Azobenzene Diazonium Salts ise124926
Hasuckim Kim Use of graphene and graphene/MWCNT composites for electroanalytical applications ise131645
Myeongseong Kim Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of micro-sized spherical LiMn1-xFexPO4for high rate cathode materials ise130968
Hyunkyung Kim Synthesis of nano-Li4Ti5O12 decorated on non-oxidizedcarbon nanotubes for high rate lithium-ion batteries ise130976
Dong-Jin Kim Investigation of Oxide Formed on Steam Generator Tube Materials for Nuclear Power Plants Exposed to Caustic Solutions with Lead Oxide ise130457
Hong Pyo Kim Effect of Chromium Content on the Passive Film of Iron Base Alloys during Flow Accelerated Corrosion ise124904
Kyoo Young Kim Innovative Alloy Design to Prevent Intergranular Corrosion of Ferritic Stainless Steel according to New Intergranular Corrosion Mechanism ise124581
Ryoung-Hee Kim Electrochemical Properties of Vanadium Oxide prepared by Microwave-assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis for Rechargeable Magnesium Batteries ise124788
Kwangchun Kim Surface Modification of LiCoO2 for improved electrochemical performance at high voltage ise130966
Ji-rae Kim Development of Accelerated Lifetime Test for High Temperature-PEMFC stack ise130499
Gabriela Kissling Electrodeposition of Ternary Alloys for Phase Change Random Access Memory Applications ise130522
Tetsuhiro Kobayashi Stepwise Formation of Fe(tpy)2 Molecular Wires on Si(111) and Their AFM Observation ise124820
Jan Philipp Kollender Photoelectrochemical characterization of sub-micro-gram amounts of organic semiconductors using scanning droplet cell microscopy ise124828
Veniamin Kondratiev Electrocatalytic Properties of Pd and Au Clusters on PEDOT Support with Respect to Hydrogen Peroxide Electroreduction ise131085
Rui Kong Semi-Continuous Electrokinetic Dewatering of Phosphate Mine Tailings ise130552
Robert Kostecki Interfacial Phenomena at a LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Electrode in Organic Carbonate Electrolytes ise132471
Natalia Kremliakova Strong Metal Support Interaction (SMSI) in Electrocatalysis for PEMFC on the Example of C/MeOx/Pt Catalysts (Hybrid Supported Catalysts) ise124540
Petr Krtil Surface Segregation of Pt-based Nanoparticulate Electrocatalysts ise124780
Ivar Kruusenberg Oxygen Reduction on Nitrogen-Containing Carbon Nanomaterial Modified Glassy Carbon Electrodes ise130631
Alexander Kuhn Development of porous electrodes with an advanced functional design ise131497
Pawel J. Kulesza Photoelectrochemical water splitting at tungsten oxide based hybrid materials utilizing polyoxometallate-stabilized hematite or gold nanoparticles ise131437
Liang-Yin Kuo Synthesis of Coral Reef-like SnO2-embedded Carbon Nanoparticlesgraphene Oxide Layer via Hydrothermal Process ise131073
Chao-Yen Kuo Kuo Transition Metal-doped Titanium Oxide as a Potential Anode in Lithium Ion Batteries ise131485
Justyna Kupis New biomimetic platform base on Molecularly Imprinted Conducting Polymers ise130846
Carita Kvarnstrom Characterization of the electrochemical reduction of graphene oxide by spectroelectrochemistry ise124948
Fabio La Mantia Batteries for lithium recovery from brines ise130584
Eric Labbe Electrochemistry as a tool to map the oxidative metabolism of ferrocifen anticancer drug candidates ise124774
Ann Laheäär Unconventional Salt for Supercapacitors – Cesium Carborane ise130365
Manuel Landstorfer Capacity of Electrochemical Interfaces ise130540
Francois Lapicque Chemical engineering issues in an alternative process for CO2-free iron deposition ise130538
René Homero Lara Castro Surface insights during oxidation of pyrite and chalcopyrite under bioleaching medium conditions ise130564
Vasilica Lates Combinatorial synthesis of gold alloys for improved electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 to CO ise124467
Isabel Lazaro Effect of impurities on the anodic oxidation behavior of zinc sulfide concentrates ise131386
Sophie Lebouil Microfluidic tools for kinetic analysis of hydrogen evolution: Application to the anodic dissolution of Mg ise130688
Kang Uk Lee Research of B/W particles in electrophoretic display ise124747
SeungTae Lee Cyanoalkyl phosphate as a new additive in high voltage electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) ise124749
Hochun Lee Gel polymer electrolyte enabling higher rate performance of lithium-ion batteries than liquid electrolyte ise130436
Jae Myung Lee Low temperature synthesis of lithium ion conductive Li7La3Zr2O12 ise131169
Ovadia Lev Lithium Ion Battery Anodes Prepared From Post-Transition Elements and their Oxide and Sulfide Nanoparticulate Coatings on Reduced Graphene Oxide by the Recently Introduced Hydrogen Peroxide Route ise131572
Jie Li Synthesis and characterization of cathode material Li[Li0.2Mn0.56Ni0.16Co0.08]O2 with hollow spherical structure ise131489
Yongfang Li Two-Dimension-Conjugated Polymer Donor Materials for High Efficiency Polymer Solar Cells ise130941
Jing Li Fabrication of 3D Si-based Core/shell Nanocomposite Arrays as anode material in micro-Lithium-ion-batteries ise130743
Jacek Lipkowski Direct visualization of the Alamethicin pore formed in a planar phospholipid matrix ise124531
Jianguo Liu The degradation study of PTFE reinforced perfluorinated sulfonic acid ionomer in the operation of PEM fuel cell under accelerated stress tests ise130799
Yi Liu Cobalt-based Thin Film Electrocatalyst towards Potential Biofuel Oxidation ise132466
Jie Liu A Composite of Nanosized Si Embedded in Carbon Matrix and Its Enhanced Electrochemical Performance as Anode of Lithium-ion Battery ise124795
Irene Lopez Electrochemical, Spectroscopic and Microscopic characterization of bacterial biofilm formed on chalcopyrite from pure and mixed cultures ise124835
Jiri Ludvik Poly-radical Intermediates in Electrochemical Reduction of Polynitrocalix[4]arenes ise130670
Mayra Luna Trujillo Efficiency of 2-butyne-1,4-diol as inhibitor corrosion of API-X52 carbon steel in acidic environments ise130749
Douglas R. MacFarlane Ionic Liquids in Electrochemical Devices and Processes – From Solar Cells and Water Splitting to Thermocells ise132472
Tatiana Magdesieva New polynuclear frameworks for electrocatalytic applications ise124757
Paolo Malacrida Pt-La and Pt-Ce alloys for oxygen reduction: relating surface composition to the enhanced activity and stability. ise131094
Artjom Maljusch An integrated SKP-SECM system: linking surface properties and electrocatalytic activity ise124583
Philippe Mandin Bubble Over Voltage modelling during two-phase electrolysis. Experimental & Numerical Study ise130867
Andrei Ionut Mardare High throughput growth and characterization of anodic oxides on Hf-based thin film combinatorial libraries ise130368
Jiri Marsalek Supercapacitors with Electrodes from Nanosized Manganese Oxide Prepared by Electrospraying Method ise130477
María José Martín de Vidales Using sono and photo technologies to promote conductive-diamond electrochemical oxidation. ise130797
Vitor L. Martins Electrochemistry of Copper in Ionic Liquids with Different Coordinating Properties ise131117
Yuki Maruyama Electrochemical Degradation Behavior of LiCoO2 and LiMn2O4 Cathode Materials Used in Li-ion Cells ise130516
Justis Masa Influence of trace metal residues on the activity of supposedly metal-free nitrogen modified carbon catalysts for oxygen reduction ise124687
Takuya Masuda Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction Reaction at Si(111) Electrodes Modified by Molecular Layers with Viologen Moiety and Various Metal Complexes ise131099
Richard McCreery A Merger of Electrochemistry and Molecular Electronics ise124515
Alejandro Medel The Role of Counter Electrode on the Production of Hydroxyl Radicals ise130891
Alix Melchy Physical theory of ionomer aggregation in water ise124779
Angel Meléndez An electrochemical study of metal-deficient layers formed during pyrrhotite oxidation in different acids ise131335
Mikolaj Meller Optimisation of Activated Carbon Electrode for Hybrid Electrochemical Capacitors ise131264
Esperanza Mena Effects of DC on the activity of a diesel-degrading microorganisms culture ise130572
PERLA F. MENDEZ Reduced iodide diffusion by NH2-terminated PAMAM dendrimers covalently adsorbed in nanoparticulated TiO2 films used as photoanodes for constructing dye-sensitized solar cells ise131390
Omar Mendoza Evaluation of Different Cathode Materials Used in Li-ion Cells Incorporating Reference Electrode ise130510
Ross Milton The Effect of Oxygen Sensitivity/Insensitivity of Glucose-Oxidising Anodes on Oxygen-Reducing Enzymatic Cathodes in Enzymatic Biological Fuel Cells ise124833
FATIMA MONTEMOR “Smart” Water Based Epoxy Coatings for Corrosion Protection of Renewable Energy Production Structures Exposed to Marine Environments ise131518
Sungmo Moon Effects of Anions on the Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation of AZ31 Mg Alloy ise130449
Edgar David Moreno-Medrano EIS Evaluation of Kinetics Parameters for the Anodic Oxidation of Galena in Presence of Xanthate ise131019
Lydia Moron A hydrometallurgical route for Zinc recovery from EAFD ise130865
Aoife Morrin Conducting Polymer Structures Housed in Thin-Layer Microfluidic Channels for Electroanalysis ise130581
Mir Fazlollah Mousavi Electron Transfer kinetic of Azurin protein immobilized on 11-Mercacptoundecanol self-assembled monolayer on gold electrode Measured by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy ise124715
Marco Musiani A New Model for the Analysis of Water Uptake in Anti-Corrosion Coatings Exhibiting a CPE Behavior ise124821
Fumika Nagasawa Strong Coupling between Localized Surface Plasmon and Dye Exitons at Metal Nano-Gap Structure ise131051
Maguy Nahra Tantalum electrodeposition from Room Temperature Ionic Liquids ise130609
Elise Nanini-Maury New Liquid Electrolyte as a Tool to Characterize High Potential Positive Electrodes for Lithium-ion Batteries ise130782
Valberes Nascimento Flow-Injection Electrochemical Determination of Citric Acid Using a Cobalt(II)-Phthalocyanine Modified Carbon Paste Electrode ise124729
Dora Nava Zwitterionic chitosan containing ionic liquids and glycerol as biopolymer electrolyte for lithium batteries ise131346
Jose Nava Numerical simulation of the primary, secondary and tertiary current distributions on the cathode of a rotating cylinder electrode cell. Influence of using plates and concentric cylinder as counter electrodes ise130364
Tomas Navratil Electrochemical Methods in Characterization of Transporting Processes of Charged Particles across the Phospholipid Membranes ise124562
Mosaad Negem Electrodeposited Ni-Al2O3 and Ni-Co-Al2O3Composites using Cysteine ise124504
Roger Newman Surface Chemistry and Morphology of Nanoporous Metals Synthesized from AgAuPt precursors ise131544
Paata Nikoleishvili Simultaneous Electrosynthesis of Hydrogen peroxide, Sodium Metaborate and Sodium Hypochloride ise124845
Wojciech Nogala Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Local Deposition of Metals for Optimization of Catalysts and Supports for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy ise124474
Anna Nowicka Hydrogel with polymer chains grafted and functionalized with carboxyl groups as universal 3D platform for specific immobilization of DNA strands ise131482
Krzysztof Noworyta Electrochemical and Piezomicrogravimetric Detection of Selected Alkaloids using a Zinc Porphyrin Polymer with Controlled Porosity ise131089
Chifundo Ntola Novel Bio-Inspired Sensory Material for Implantable Tissue application ise131537
Rosa Elba Núñez-Jaquez Analysis of Curing Period of Concrete Modified With Sugar Cane Bagasse Ash With Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. ise131641
Michael O'Connell Probing electrocatalysis at nanostructured surfaces using combined scanning electrochemical –scanning ion conductance microscopy (SECM-SICM) ise130353
Shahmahmood Obeidi New Ceramic Separators for Li-ion Batteries ise131533
Pilar Ocón KOH modified polybenzimidazole membrane for performance alkaline direct ethanol fuel cell ise130633
Modupe Ogunlesi Application of Polyaniline-Modified Electrode for the Electroanalysis of Human Haemoglobins Using Sodium Nitrate as Dopant ise130902
Nilson T.C. Oliveira Obtainment of Nanotubes on Biomedical Ti-Mo Alloys By Electrochemical Anodization ise124866
Oscar Olvera Effect of Pyrite on the Dissolution of Fresh and Passivated Chalcopyrite Electrodes ise131014
Noshin Omar Examination of the Impact of the Storage Temperature on the Main Ageing Parameters in Lithium-Ion Iron Phosphate Based Batteries ise124461
Marcin Opallo Electrocatalytic activity of conductive nanoparticles in films or suspensions ise130415
Mark Orazem Teaching Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy ise131103
Mercedes Oropeza-Guzman Zeta Potential as a Powerful Tool for Friendly Environmental Processes ise131589
Roberto Ortiz Direct Electron Transfer from the Dehydrogenase Domain of Cellobiose Dehydrogenase for Glucose oxidizing Low Potential Enzymatic Anode ise131308
Gerko Oskam Recombination in the Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell: A Random Walk Numerical Simulation Approach ise124686
Kenichiro Ota Improvement of Catalytic Activity of Ta and Zr Oxide Based Cathode for PEFCs ise124898
Marcela Ovalle A novel amperometric biosensor based on WO3 ise124778
Munetaka Oyama Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Water on a Gold-Nanoparticle-Modified Palladium Electrode ise130745
Kenneth Ozoemena Controlling the Degree Disorder in LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 Spinel via Microwave Irradiation ise131548
Maritza Páez Understanding the phenomenon of biocorrosion in a stainless steel 316 L. ise130649
Elie Paillard Investigation of the Lithium/Ionic Liquid-Based Electrolyte Interface for Li-Metal Batteries ise131586
Alain Pailleret Polypyrrole/dodecylsulfate/cerium oxide nanoparticles composite films: from their electrodeposition on iron to their application as protective coatings against corrosion ise131366
Ricardo E. Palma Electrochemical vs. Photochemical and Sonochemical Oxidations for the Elimination of Indigo Carmine in Water ise130877
Simonetta Palmas PANI/TiO2 NT composite electrodes for possible applications in advanced energy conversion and storage devices ise130774
Sanghoon Park Spine-like Carbon Nanostructure for High-performanceSupercapacitors ise130971
Joungwon Park High solubility and electrochemical property of the asymmetric structured metal complex for non-aqueous redox flow battery ise124799
Nadine Pebere Investigation on crevice corrosion of a martensitic stainless steel by using a thin-layer cell ise124764
Maximo Pech-Canul Effect of Silicon on Corrosion Resistance of Al-Si-Mg and Al-Si Alloys ise130723
Emanuel Peled Electrode Processes in Rechargeable Sodium–Oxygen Batteries ise131187
Pekka Peljo Electrochemically Controlled Proton-Transfer-Catalyzed Reactions at Liquid–Liquid Interfaces ise124801
Tzayam Perez Numerical simulation of current distribution along the boron-doped diamond anode of a filter-press-type FM01-LC reactor during the oxidation of water ise130363
José Trinidad Pérez-Quiroz Corrosion Performance of Stainless Steel 439 and Aluminum Immersed in Biodiesel ise124768
Lorenzo Perini Synthesis of Nitrogen Doped Mesoporous Carbon Supported Catalyst with Metal Nanoparticles for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction ise131087
Manuela Petrova The Influence of the Al Content on the Corrosion Behavior of Metal Coated Steel Substrates: an ORP-EIS Study ise130500
Minh-Chau Pham Antibodies Directed to RNA/DNA Duplexes: A novel Electrochemical Immunosensor for miRNAs Detection using Reduced Graphene Oxide Electrodes ise131161
Rosaria Anna Picca New Insights on the Electrochemical Development of II Generation Nano-Antimicrobials ise131180
Alain Ricardo Picos Benítez Development of a fish processing industry wastewater treatment system. Comparison and attachment of advanced oxidation process with anaerobic digestion. ise131007
Piotr Pieta Composite of the Polymer of the Ferrocene Adduct of C60 and Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes ise124720
Katja Pinkert High Energy Supercapacitor Electrode Materials: Synthesis and Nanostructure Analysis ise130576
Benoît Piro General Design of Label-Free and Reagentless Electrochemical Protein Sensors: Application to a Cancer Biomarker, XIAP ise130579
Yuri Pleskov The Effect of CVD-diamond Film Thickness on the Electrochemical Properties of Synthetic Diamond Thin-film Electrodes ise130520
Jaromir Pocedic Air-electrodes with the catalyst prepared by the electrospraying method ise130478
Carlos Ponce de Leon Approaches to the teaching of electrochemical engineering ise131474
Yunteng Qu Pt/rGO@TiO2 Nanocomposite with Three Components Junctions’ Structure as Promising Electrocatalyst for Methanol Oxidation ise130486
Enrique Quiroga-González Extraordinary Li-Storage Performance of Si Microwire Array Anodes Using Electrolytes for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries ise124545
Hanna Radecka Electrochemical Immunosensors for detection of different type of viruses ise124553
Jerzy Radecki Electrochemical detection of Avian Influenza Virus genotype using ssDNA probe modified gold electrode ise124554
Md. Aminur Rahman Dendrimer-Encapsulated Gold Nanoparticles and Carbon Nanotube-Assisted Multiple Bienzymatic Labels Based Electrochemical Immunosensor ise130796
Krishnan Rajeshwar Electrochemistry & Photoelectrochemistry for Environmental Remediation: Some Concepts and Misconceptions ise131296
Vanessa Ramirez Effect of the facultative character of the ligand 1,8-bis-(2-pyridyl)-3,6-dithiaoctane (pdto) in the electrochemical response of Ni(II) complexes ise124671
Jorge Alberto Ramírez Cano Adsorption of mercaptobenzothiazole and benzothiazoleonto copper surface ise130416
José Manuel Ramírez Herrera Passivation magnesium in NaOH and HF for its application as biomaterial ise124491
Ashi Rashid Effect of Electrolyte on the Phase Transitions by Phospholipids on Hg ise131155
Alejandro Recéndiz Electrochemical Study of the Electro-deposition of Silver and the Tellurium Effect on the Cathodic Potential ise131379
Francisco Javier Recio A New Strategy to Optimize the Electrocatalytic Activity of MN4 Complexes. Hydrazine Oxidation. ise131256
Jie Ren H-D Kinetic Isotope Effect of Ethanol Electrooxidation on Precious Metal electrodes ise130795
Ivl Rendón One Dimensional Cu-doped Titania Photoanodes for Water Splitting Application ise130627
Frank Uwe Renner Control of the surface morphology of nanoporous gold ise130366
Rosalba Rincón Perovskites as Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysts. Electrochemical Kinetic Evaluation in Recessed Gold Microelectrodes ise130841
Clara Hilda Rios-Reyes Iron clusters electrodeposition on carbon electrodes.An experimental and theoretical quantum study. ise124522
Eligio Rivero Hydrodynamic and Mass Transport CFD Simulations Under Charge and Mass Transfer Mixed Control ise131045
Irma Robles Thermodynamic and Kinetic Study of Mercury (II) Adsorption on Ca-Bentonite using Anodic Stripping Voltammetry ise124478
Dominic Rochefort Electrochemistry of RuO2 electrodes in protic ionic liquids: limits and benefits of pseudocapacitors using non-aqueous electrolytes ise131229
Celestino Odín Rodríguez Nava Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Compounds Degradation Containing in Synthetic Wastewater using the FM01-LC Electrochemical Reactor and its Effect on the Microbial Population Structure of an Activated Sludge ise131583
Manuel Rodríguez Pérez Photocatalytic Activity of WO3 as a Function of the Crystal Phase and Morphology ise130635
Piotr Romanczyk Autocatalytic Dehalogenation Set Off by Dissociative Electron Transfer through C-H...O Hydrogen Bond ise131324
Omar Rosas Time Evolution Quantification of the Interfacial Parameters for Lithium Ion Interfaces using Liquid Ions ise131257
Alberto Rosas_Aburto Aging Studies and Polymer Structure Influence On Conductive Thermoplastic Elastomers For Batteries ise124643
Davide Rosestolato Microstructural and Electrochemical Properties of Films based on Iridium Oxide stabilized with Titanium Oxide ise124938
Lionel Roué In-situ Monitoring of the Cracking of Electrode Materials for Ni-MH and Li-ion Batteries by Acoustic Emission ise131020
Ewa Rozniecka Sensitive and Selective Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine in Flow System on Carbon Nanoparticulate Electrode ise131056
Manuela Rueda FT-IR Spectroelectrochemical Studies of Adenine Adsorption on Gold Electrodes: Acid-base Properties and Interactions with Thymine ise131171
Laurent Ruhlmann Fabrication of novel polyoxometalate-porphyrin copolymers: photocatalytic activity and photoelectrochemical energy conversion ise130526
Iwona A. Rutkowska Activation of Dispersed Pt and PtRu Nanoparticles towards Oxidation of Alcohols through modification with WO3 nanostructures admixed with TiO2 or ZrO2 ise131434
Izabela S.Pieta Influence of structural supported catalyst on CO production for high temperature fuel cells ise130677
Maryam Salari Anodized TiO2 Nanotube as Electrode Materials for Microsupercapacitor Application ise124598
Ricardo Salazar Electrocatalytic Materials for Degradation of Disperse Yellow Dye: Role of pH and supporting electrolyte ise131316
Eduardo Sanchez Effect of different carbon sources on Li4Ti5O12/C nanofibers for Ion-Lithium Battery application ise131584
Carlos M Sanchez-Sanchez Electrocatalysts for the Carbon-Halogen Bond Reduction Screened by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy ise130646
Diogo Santos H2O2 Reduction at Perovskite-Based Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell Cathodes ise124502
Laura Sanz Investigation and Optimization Of Copper-Chloride Based Electrolytes for Redox Flow Battery Applications ise130547
André Gustavo Sato Hydrogen production on an ethanol dehydrogenation reactor coupled to a conventional PEMFC ise124846
Josef Schefold Stability of Solid Oxide Cells and Cell Stacks under Steam-Electrolysis Operation ise130360
Carl-Albrecht Schiller Investigating the Dynamics of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells - a New Transmission Line Model Approach Tailored for Nanotube- and Nanorod-Based Devices ise130403
Holger Schneider Challenges involved with high energy density lithium-sulfur batteries investigated at BASF SE and Sion Power ise131067
Fritz Scholz The interaction of free oxygen radicals with electrode surfaces ise132473
Jeongsuk Seo Ultrafine Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Based on Group IV or V as Non-platinum Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts for PEFCs ise130354
Silver Sepp Activity of Various Carbide Derived Carbons Towards Oxygen Electroreduction in Acidic Solutions ise130539
Niusha Shakibi Nia Relationships between microstructure and electrochemical reactivity of nanocrystalline nickel and nickel tungsten ise130857
Xia Sheng Nitrogen-doped ordered mesoporous carbon as electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction ise131033
Kang Shi A new electrochemical nano-machining technique based on the redox nano-film ise131024
Woonsup Shin Non-gassing Electroosmotic Pump and Its Biomedical Applications ise131522
Sayoko Shironita Hydrogen electrooxidation at small amount Pt loadingon TiO2-SiO2 thin film ise130502
Fengzhan Si One-pot Photo-reduction Synthesis of Pt/rGO-TiO2 Electrocatalyst ise130805
Fábio Simões Comparative electrochemical study of PANI/PSS and PANI-5%MWNT/PSS films obtained by layer-by-Layer (LBL) deposition onto ITO substrates ise124618
Robert Slade Aqueous Supercapacitors for Extreme Climatic Low Temperatures ise130569
Tatyana Soboleva Toward rational design of the cathode catalyst layer in the PEM fuel cell ise124775
Pavlina Sobrova Quantum Dots as New Labels for Electrochemical Sensing of Prion Proteins ise130909
Mauricio Solis de la Fuente Bismuth Sulfide Sensitization of Titania Nanotubes Arrays followed by Kelvin Probe Measurements ise130702
Jose Solla-Gullon An Easy Method for Calculating Kinetic Parameters of Electrochemical Mechanisms ise131300
Jose Solla-Gullon Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of Adsorbate-Induced Preferential (100) Pt Nanoparticles Prepared in Water-in-Oil Microemulsion ise131297
Omar Solorza-Feria HRTEM and XAS characterizations of Pd-based cathode nano-catalysts in PEMFC ise124776
Yoshitsugu Sone The operability of the PEFC system for the closed environment using the water separation pump. ise130525
Alberto Soria Flores Preliminary analysis of the pyrite (FeS2) oxidation process under bioleaching conditions by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy ise130400
Ioannis Spanos Advances towards optimizing the Oxygen Reduction Reaction: A comparative study of different synthesis approaches for PtxCo1-x alloys ise124811
Alessandro Stassi A Study of Pd-based Electrocatalysts for Automotive Applications ise130511
Jelena Stojadinovic Electrochemical Properties of Composite Gas Separators for Zero Gap Alkaline Electrolyzers ise130602
Zbigniew Stojek Iron-Magnetic Nanoparticles for Directingand Enhancing Transport and for Electrocatalysis ise131481
Margarita Stoytcheva Differential Alternative Pulse Stripping Voltammetry – a Power Tool for Sensitive and High Resolution Multi-Component Analysis ise130888
Wei-nien Su Visible light responsive nanocomposite of vanadium doped titania nanorod with highly reduced graphene oxide for enhanced solar hydrogen production ise131157
Oscar Suarez Electrochemical properties of functionalized polymer nanocomposite with bismuth and tin particles ise131659
Emigdia Guadalupe Sumbarda Ramos Electrolyte selection for electrokinetic extraction of metallic pollutant ise131406
Elena Suprun Proteins as Electroactive Molecules: Applications in Medicine ise124808
Jolanta Swiatowska Influence of cycling on the on the chemical and morphological modifications of Si nanowires ise131204
Tarmo Tamm Soft self-contained conducting polymer composites for electro-chemo-mechanical applications. ise131254
Kaido Tammeveski Oxygen Reduction on Electrodeposited Palladium Coatings on Gold ise124847
Federico Tasca Insights into the Molecular Mechanisms of Heterogeneous Electron Transfer between Multicopper Oxidases and Graphite Electrodes ise132456
Yoshitaka Tateyama Redox Reaction Mechanisms at TiO2 - Water Interfaces: A DFT Molecular Dynamics Study ise130773
Na Tian Pt-group nanocrystals with high-index facets as high performance electrocatalysts ise131006
Yang Tian A Carbon Dot-Based Surface for Electrochemical Determination of Cerebral Cu2+ ise124742
Edson A. Ticianelli Investigations of the processes involved in the borohydride oxidation in La-Ni-Based Hydrogen Storage Alloys ise130858
Angel Torres Electrocoagulation cell for high organic content wastewater. Modeling and experimental study ise131487
Cesar Torres Electrochemical characterization reveals parallel electron-transport processes in Geobacter sulfurreducens ise131280
Roberto Torresi Transport Properties of Tetracyanoborate Anion Based Ionic Liquids ise130378
Eishiro Toyoda Pt Thin Layer on Metal Diboride for Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalyst ise124890
Christoph Traunsteiner Electrochemical and Scanning Probe Microscopy Studies of Laccase on modified Au(111) Surfaces ise131202
Germano Tremiliosi-Filho New Route for the Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles. The Electrocatalytic Performance Towards the Electro-oxidation of Borohydride ise130417
Bernard Tribollet Copper Alloys at the Corrosion Potential in Seawater ise124923
Xenia Tuaev The Impact of Carbon Support on Activity and Stability of Pt Nanoparticle Fuel Cell Catalysts: an in situ Study ise131231
Ricardo Tucceri Effect of prolonged electrode potential cycling on the charge transport parameters of poly(o-aminophenol) (POAP) films ise124603
Hiroyuki Uchida Enhancement in Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity and Durability at Stabilized Pt Skin-PtCo Alloy Catalysts Supported on Graphitized Carbon Black ise124708
Christoph Ulbricht RAFT Block Copolymers – Towards Polymer Based Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Battery Application ise131542
Kohei Uosaki Effect of the Crystallographic Orientation and Surface Defects on Reductive Desorption and Readsorption of Self-assembled Monolayer of 6-Hexanethiol at Au(hkl) Single Crystalline Electrodes ise131382
Gustavo Urbano Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Study of Interfacial Interactions between Chalcopyrite and typical Flotation Process Reagents ise130597
Kersti Vaarmets Electrochemical and Physical Characterization of Pt-Nanoclusters Modified Carbons Synthesized from Molybdenum Carbide at Different Temperatures ise130390
Alexander Vakurov AFM study of fluid lipid assemblies in electric fields ise131441
Gabriela Valdés-Ramirez Wearable Electrochemical Sensors for Environmental and Health Care Monitoring ise131421
Giovanni Valenti Hydrogen Production: Driving the Electrocatalytic Properties Through Carbon-based Nanocomposite. ise131131
Julia Van Drunen Pt-Modified Ni Foam Electrodes and Their Applications in Electrocatalysis ise124476
Quentin Van Overmeere Pore Initiation and Growth in Anodic Alumina: Looking from within the Electrolyte ise131203
Ana Sofia Varela CO2 electroreduction on well-defined bimetallic surfaces: Cu overlayers on Pt single crystals ise131109
Marcela Vazquez Solar Cell Prototypes Combining Electrodeposited ZnO and CuInSe2 Prepared by Chemical Methods ise130885
Carlos Vazquez Characterization of corrosion behavior of painted galvanized steel under different conditions ise131594
Armando Isael Vázquez Aranda Effect of primary potential and current distribution on the electrochemical generation of H2O2 ise130568
Jorge Vazquez-Arenas A rapid evaluation of the impedance of Li-ion batteries using transfer functions ise130770
Lourdes Vázquez-Gómez Preparation and Electrochemical Characterization of Noble metal modified Fe-Cr-Al Alloy Foam Catalysts for High-Temperature Oxidation Reactions ise124763
Karen María Cecilia Vega Sixtos Free-additive co-precipitation synthesis and visible light photocatalytic activities of Bi2WO6 powders ise124642
Ricardo Venegas Electrocatalytic Reduction of O2 by Tuning The Cu(II)/(I) Formal Potential of Copper Phenanthrolines ise131321
Edgar Ventosa Strategies to improve the performance of TiO2 as negative electrode material ise131494
Sven Verguts Kinetic investigation of the Ferricyanide / Ferrocyanide redox system for bioelectrochemical studies ise131249
Eric Vieil Simplifying Fundamental Electrochemistry Using the Cross-disciplinary Approach of Formal Graphs ise130781
Hebe de las Mercedes Villullas Ethanol Oxidation on PtSn Nanocatalysts of Different Composition in Acidic and Alkaline Media ise131095
Gonzalo Viramontes-Gamboa Transpassive Electrochemistry of Microparticles of CuFeS2, MoS2, PbS, FeS2 and ZnS ise132467
Michal Wagner Electrochemical Properties of Novel Porous Carbon Based Material Synthesized from Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons ise124555
Dianlong Wang Preparation of Tin Sulfide Nanorods for Lithium Ion Batteries ise124543
chengxin wang An ultrafast and long cycle life lithium-ion anode using SnO2 quantum dots load in vertically-aligned graphene approach ise131138
Masahiro Watanabe Development of Advanced Materials for Fuel CellsBased on New Concepts ise131490
Shigeru Watariguchi A New-Type Photovoltaic Cell Using Photochemical Reaction of Fullerene ise124901
Richard Webster Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Reactions of Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) and Flavin Mononucleotide (FMN) ise130465
Di Wei Application of graphene in batteries and its printable technology ise124482
Zidong Wei Enhanced stability of Pt nanoparticles on carbon supports ise124703
Klaus Wippermann Impedance study of complete methanol depletion in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells ise124805
Bernhard Wolfrum Redox cycling electrochemistry in nanoporous and nanocavity devices ise131098
Ka Hung Wong Modeling of the Macroscopic Effects of Chemical Membrane Degradation on Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells ise130617
Benny Wouters Carbon nanotube supported Pt and Cu nanoparticles as electrocatalysts for the nitrobenzene reduction in ethanol ise130545
Chang-Deng Xu Electrochemical Study of CTAB with Pt Single Crystal Surfaces Towards Understanding the Structure-tuning Effect in Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Metal Nanocatalysts ise124798
Ye Xu Mechanistic insights into the electrocatalysis of the lithium O2 reduction and evolution reactions ise131562
Maria Yakovleva Characterisation of mutant pyranose dehydrogenase – an excellent candidate for fabrication of bioanodes ise131534
Yuji Yamada A Novel Copper Electrowinning Anode Using Amorphous RuO<sub>2</sub>-Ta<sub>2</sub>O<sub>5</sub> Catalytic Coatings ise130444
Seungbeom Yoon Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization ofZnMn2O4/MWNT Nanocomposites as Anode Materials forLithium Ion Batteries ise130987
Heechang Youn Nano-sized Sulfur/Graphene Composites for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries ise130980
Jong-Sung Yu Heteroatom-Doped Mesoporous Carbon as Efficient Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction ise130840
Yingchao Yu Controlling Dealloy Parameters of Pt-Cu Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction ise131144
Jose Zagal Matching the M(II)/(I) (M= Fe, Co) formal potential of Surface Confined M-N4-Macrocyclics to the reversible potential of the L-cystine/L-cysteine Couple for Maximum Catalytic Activity for the Oxidation of L-Cysteine and other thiols. ise131342
Anna Zalineeva Electrochemical behavior of un-supported preferentially-shaped palladium nanoparticles ise124912
Alessandro Zana PEMFC Catalyst Degradation at the Nanoscale: New Insights About the Role of the Carbon Support on the Stability of Pt/C ise124946
Giovanni Zangari Plasma-treated TiO2 nanotubes modified by Cu2O and Fe2O3 and their photoelectrochemical performance. ise130784
Chengchu Zeng Indirect Electrochemical Synthesis of Benzoxazoles Using NaI as Mediator ise130422
Dongping Zhan Electric Performance of Electrosynthesized M-TCNQ Nanomaterials ise124689
Weiqi Zhang Investigation of MOR and ORR selectivity at Pt/C electrocatalysts in the coexistence of methanol and oxygen ise130509
Tian Zhang Amorphous RuO<sub>2</sub>-Ta<sub>2</sub>O<sub>5</sub>/Ti Anode for Oxygen Evolution: Voltage Reduction and Durability for Electrowinning ise130440
Xin-Sheng Zhang The effect of carbon nanofiber surface properties on oxygen reduction reaction ise131553
Yingjing Zheng Modeling of oxygen reactions and electrochemical processes in a screen-printed Pt/YSZ-system ise131575
Yuriy Zholudov Use of Langmuir-Blodgett Technique for Electrochemiluminescent Detection of PAHs in Water ise124523
Zhi-You Zhou High-performance FeNx/C ORR catalyst based on poly-Phenylenediamine ise130789
Yongliang Zhou Nanofabrication technique based on PAG electrochemical soft stamping ise130554
Yige Zhou Ultrasensitive Nanosensors for the Detection of Cancer Biomarkers ise131104
Lin Zhuang Molecular simulation insights into the structural design of highly-conductive alkaline polymer electrolyte ise130978
Martin Zier Analysis of the Electrochemical Characteristics of Lithium Deposition and Dissolution on Carbon Based Anodes ise130404
Michel Zoontjes Visible light induced water splitting on a chip ise131213