Abd-El-Aziz Abd-El-Salehin Oxygen Reduction and Oxygen Evolution Reactions in Non-Aqueous Electrolyte as studies by DEMS ise131725
M Angeles Abellan Comparative study of the structural and semiconductors properties of FTO/ Bi2Te3/CdTe and FTO/CdTe ise130890
Leidy Acevedo Electropolymerization of polyaniline doped with fly-ash and clinker on mild steel in oxalic acid solution ise130951
Wojciech Adamiak Electro-Assisted Ion Extraction in a Microfluidic Chip ise130544
Lida Vianney Aguilar-Vargas Electrodes modified with Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH) for oxidation of Indigo Carmine dye. ise124652
Maria Aguirre Designing new cheap electrodes and looking for what kind of electrochemical methods are better for determining wine aging ise130959
Domingo alberto Alarcon Electrochemical preparation of the ternary semiconductor CuxPbySe to pH 3. ise131107
Georgina Alarcón Cyclodextrin as masking agent in minimizing interferences from some drugs in AINES determination by electrochemical detection ise131631
Gerardo Isaac Alba Study of water saturation in the gas diffusion layer in a PEM Fuel Cell. ise131400
Jorge Iván Aldana Gold Nanoparticles Modified-ITO Electrode for the Selective Electrochemical Quantification of Dopamine in the Presence of Uric and Ascorbic acids ise124860
Maria Guadalupe Almanza Electrodeposition of Zn from protic ionic liquids based on a primary amine and a carboxylic acid. ise124645
Francisco Almazán Copper recovery and cyanide destruction from the electroplating industry alkaline effluent ise130914
Thiago Almeida Effect of Fe and Ni on Pt-based catalysts towards Ethanol Electro-oxidation in Alkaline Media ise124787
Mario Alpuche-Aviles Reduction of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles at a Mercury Microelectrode ise131285
Lucía Alvarado Integration of Ion Exchange and Electrodeoinization as a New Approach for the Recovery of Chromium ise130939
Patricia Eugenia Alvarez Inhibitory action of pectin on the corrosion of mild steel in HCl medium ise124836
Lorena Alvarez Contreras Study of the effect of additive content on Pt/SBA-15 electrocatalyst performance ise130878
René Antaño López Electrochemical Characterization of an Electrolytic Conductivity Primary Cell at CENAM ise124651
Monica Antilen Experimental and Computational Study of the Electrochemical Properties of Thiophene and Pyrrole Derivatives ise124864
Danyelle Araújo Caffeine in Tablets: Comparison Quantification by Electroanalytical and Chromatography Methods ise130901
Danyelle Araújo Electrochemical Oxidation of 2-Naphthol on BDD Anodes: Dissolved Oxygen Participation ise130906
Eliane Gonçalves de Araújo Carbon Paste Electrode as Sensor for Identification of Folic Acid in Tablets ise131133
Yennifer Arauz Synthesis of MnO2 from waste alkaline battery through ozonation in an airlift column ise131289
Stéphane Arbault Coupled Fluorescence-Electrochemical Study of Enzymatic Reactions in Biomimetic Micrometric Vesicles ise131576
Roxana Arce Preparation and formation of modified electrodes by copolymerization of cobalto porphyrin and aniline and / or ortho-phenylenediamine. ise130872
Earving Arciga Duran Determination of Nucleation Mechanism for the Production of Nanostructures ZnO by Electrochemical Process ise130388
Carlos Rosendo Arganis Juárez Determination of sensitization of two 304L SS Claddings by EPR-DL and ASTM A-262 practice A ise132435
Jacqueline Arguello Amperometric Detection of Glucose and Glycerol Using CuO Nanofibers/PIGE Electrode ise131373
Jacqueline Arguello Electrochemical Synthesis of Bottles-like Polypyrrole Microstructures ise131655
Noé Arjona Pd/polyaniline composites for ethanol oxidation reaction ise131420
Noé Arjona Modification of Au Structures With Different Energy Surfaces: an Electrokinetic Analysis ise130445
Francisco Armijo Electrochemistry Behavior of Tryptophan on Fluorine Doped Tin Oxide Electrodes ise124862
Francisco Armijo Dopamine sensor based on nanowires PEDOT /polydopamine modified electrode ise124863
Omotayo Arotiba Degradation of Trichloroethylene by Electrochemical Oxidation using Exfoliated Graphite-Diamond Composite Electrode ise130518
Omotayo Arotiba Towards HIV Sensing: Electrochemical DNA and gp120 Aptamer Biosensors on Dendrimer-Streptavidin Platform ise130916
Michelle Arredondo Electrochemical Assay for Trypsin Activity Quiantification ise130695
Hortensia Arredondo v. Comparative Study of the Reaction Mechanisms for Paracetamol Degradation by Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) ise131389
Eurydice Arroyo W nanoparticles study on the construction of a prototype of a nano (bio) sensor ise130722
Laurent Arurault Electro-Chemical Colorings of Anodic Films Prepared on 7175 Aluminum Alloy for Space Applications ise131573
Laurent Arurault Preparation and Characterizations of AAO Porous Templates Obtained by Self-Assembly for Next-Generation Nanointerconnects ise131564
Hugo Avila-Paredes Fabrication of Micro-Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells by Dip Coating ise132442
José Martin Baas López Hybrid materials based on graphene/conducting polymer/POM as electrode for supercapacitors ise131417
Vincenzo Baglio Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocatalysts for Air Electrodes in Fe-Air Batteries ise130517
Ülker Bak_r Ö_ütveren Electrocoagulation of Organized Industrial District Raw Wastewater Using Iron Electrodes ise130351
Thaisa A. Baldo Study of the Electronic Behavior of the Electrode Chemically Modified with SAMs Formed with Bromide 11 - Mercaptoundecil- N, N, N- Trimethylammonium. ise130924
Mauro Banera Electrochemical Behavior of Anthraquinonic Dyes in Non Aqueous Solvents ise130681
Jennifer Bañuelos TOC Removal from Real Wastewater Using a Novel Electro-Fenton Approach by Activated Carbon ise130566
Claudio Barrientos Electrochemistry and Reactivity towards Superoxide Radical Anion of some 3-Cinnamoylcoumarins in Aprotic Medium ise131509
Elisete Batista Spectro-electrochemical Study of Ethanol Oxidation on Supported Palladium-gold Electrocatalysts ise131224
Abduali Bayeshov Electrochemical synthesis of copper and silver compounds under the influence of alternating current ise124576
Fethi Bedioui Array of Ultramicroelectrodes for the Simultaneous Detection of Nitric Oxide and Peroxynitrite ise124636
Fethi Bedioui Surface Patterning Using SECM to Locally Trigger Electrografting of Azidobenzenediazonium Spots and “Click” Chemistry Reaction ise124637
Federico Bella BaTiO3 Nanotube Arrays by Hydrothermal Conversion of TiO2 Nanotube Carpets Grown by Anodic Oxidation ise130550
Mara Beltrán Gastélum Synthesis and Evaluation of Nanostructures Electrocatalyst for Fuel Cells ise130439
Assis Vicente Benedetti Environmentally Friendly Coatings Applied on Aluminum Alloy ASTM 1200 ise131609
Claudia Berger Titanium deposition from guanidinium- and imidazolium-based ionic liquids ise131048
Len Berlouis Au nanorod arrays in alumina for use as multi-targeted optical sensors under electrochemical control. ise130806
Evanimek Bernardo Electrocoagulation Process for removing dissolved Cr (VI) from petrochemical produced water ise131243
Evanimek Bernardo Electrokinetic remediation of soil polluted by petroleum ise131236
Denise Bevilaqua Evaluation of the electrochemical behavior of carbon paste electrode (CPE) with chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) in the presence of ferrous ions ise131579
Jéssica Horacina Bezerra Rocha Electrochemical Treatment for Remediation of Contaminated Water by Oil Products using Ti/Pt and BDD anodes ise131132
Renata Bilewicz TEMPO Coated Au Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Tethering to Gold Electrodes and Application for Electrocatalytic Oxidations ise131653
Lucas Blandón Naranjo Electrochemical synthesis of silver nanoparticles and its potential use as an antimicrobial agent ise131181
Lucas Blandón Naranjo Electrochemical method for a synthesis of silver nanoparticles under protection of biocompatible polymers ise131176
Soledad Bollo Biorecognition platform based on electrodes modified with diazonium salts. Application to Concanavalin A immobilization ise131510
Agustin Bolzan Nucleation and growth of copper films on glassy carbon ise130570
Alexandra Bondarenko Microfluidic push-pull device for surface modification: Numerical simulations and experimental verification ise130585
Maryam Borghei Nitrogen-Doped Few-walled Carbon Nanotubes; An Active Oxygen Reduction Catalyst for Alkaline Fuel Cells ise130401
FE ALICIA BORREGO-SARACHAGA Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy as a function of applied potential to study the behavior of galvanic pair aluminum – steel ise130676
B. Brachetti-Sibaja Comparison of inhibition properties of CeO2 and La2O3 thin films synthesized by r.f. magnetron sputtering on different aluminium alloys ise124882
Jack Branch The Use of Metallocenes as Redox Probes in Supercritical Fluids ise130524
Stanko Brankovic Morphology Effects on Electrosorption Properties of Catalyst Monolayers ise124661
Mónica Bravo-Anaya Polarization Potential Effect on DNA Molecules Adsorption onto Platinum Electrodes ise130708
Enric Brillas Mineralization of Azo dye Orange G by Anodic Oxidation with a BDD Anode in Divided and Undivided Cells ise124722
Ricardo F. Brocenschi Comparative Electrochemical Response of Estrone at Glassy-Carbon and Nitrogen-Containing Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon or Boron-Doped Diamond Thin-Film Electrodes ise130894
Felipe Caballero-Briones Dithiol-capped CdSe nanoparticle films prepared by a soft chemistry method. ise132468
Francisco V. Caballero-Domínguez Analyzing a Multimodal Closed Loop Control in a continuous RCE Reactor. ise131733
Pere L. Cabot Complete Degradation of Allura Red AC Azo-Dye by Solar Photoelectro-Fenton with H2O2 Electrogeneration ise124814
Pere L. Cabot Synthesis and Characterization of Pt-Ru(Cu)/C Electrocatalysts for CO Oxidation ise124818
Jose Cabral Miramontes Characterization of the mechanical properties of a bimodal WC-VC-Co coating by thermal spraying processing HVOF ise131525
Jorge Calderon Electrochemical Study of the Corrosion of Metals Exposed to Biodiesel and Biodiesel – Fatty Acids Blends ise130717
Jorge Calderon Modeling of Long Term Performances of Anticorrosive Coatings by Accelerated Tests and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy ise131106
Judith Callejas Electrochemical Phosphates Removal using Aluminium Electrode ise131357
Carlos Campos Capacitance of Electric Double-Layer of Support Materials to Prepare Better Catalysts ise131486
Eulalio Campos Electrochemical Degradation of Indigo Dye and Simultaneous Production of H2O2 using a Boron-Doped Diamond Anode and Aluminum or Stainless Steel Cathode ise131520
Paulina Cañete Oxygen reduction reaction on glassy carbon electrodes modified with amino functionalized carbon nanotubes and iron phtalocyanines ise131350
Anaid Cano Quiroz Caffeine Degradation Through Electrochemical Oxidation Using A BDD Electrode System. ise131402
Faustino Canseco-Sanchez Transport of TEA+ and TMA+ across the modified water|1,2-dichloroethane interface ise130383
Esdras Josué Canto Aguilar Study on the performance of a cobalt complex as redox couple in DSSCs based on ZnO thin films obtained by electrochemical methods. ise130668
Arely Cardenas Chemical behavior of different antioxidants as determined by Electrochemical-CUPRAC ise124665
Maria Carmezim Fabrication of Composite CoNi Dendritic Films for Supercapacitors Electrodes ise131538
Gilberto Carreño-Aguilera Removal of Arsenic (v) from an Abandoned Mine Drainage, by an Electro-Coagulation Process ise130721
Alejandra Carreon Development of two conductivity apparatus for teaching education: elementary, middle and high school. ise131030
María Alejandra Carreón Álvarez Elimination of Copper in Tequila using carbon nanotubes ise124503
Raúl Carrera-Cerritos Electro-oxidation of Ethanol on PdAg/C catalyst synthesized by polyol process. ise130970
Juan Edgar Carrera-Crespo Effect of supporting electrolyte in the electrocrystallization of Cadmium on anodically formed TiO2 ise124734
Jannu Casanova-Moreno The Fate of Reductively Desorbed Thiolates from Self Assembled Monolayers ise131116
Locksley Castañeda Generation of a spent pickling bath by electrooxidation as a model solution for the regeneration of sulfuric acid by electrodialysis ise130977
Locksley Castañeda Study of scaling-down an electrodialysis reactor for regenerating of sulfuric acid. ise130960
Luis Castanheira Carbon corrosion in Pt/C catalysts: further insights by combined Raman, XPS and IL-TEM experiments ise131255
Luis Castanheira Effect of intermediate characterizations in long-term degradation tests: an IL-TEM study ise131251
Ezequiel Castillo Predicting Conductance and Force Stretching Curves for 1,8-Octhanedithiol/Au junctions with Accelerated Molecular Dynamics ise131453
Francisco Cataño Morphological effects on photocatalytic activity of zinc oxide electrodeposits ise130561
Vinicius Celante Electrofloculation treatment of oil´s production water by Co and Cu recycled of spent Li-ion batteries. ise124602
Monica Cerro-Lopez Synergic Effect of PbO2 combined with TiO2 Nanotubes on the Photoelectrocatalytic Oxidation of Methyl Red ise131403
Lucio César Almeida Dye Photoelectrocatalytic oxidation of dye sample on TiO2 nanotubes electrode decorated by nanoparticles of Pt ise131634
Yu-jung Cha Electrochemical Detection of Heavy Metal Ions using the Gold Deposited Boron-Doped Diamond electrodes ise130792
Yu-jung Cha Electrical and Structural Characteristics of the Boron Doped Diamond Electrodes according to the Concentration of Boron Doping ise130791
Ya Yun Chan Electrochemical Oxidation of Bisphenol A ise124701
Rosario Chavez Corrosion study of Al-Zn-Mg alloys by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy as a function of potential and flow condition ise132424
Eloy Isarain Chávez Guerrero Comparison of different DSA anodes used for the degradation of Methyl Orange in a synthetic solution ise124511
Eloy Isarain Chávez Guerrero Electrocoagulation combined with photo-Fenton method for treatment of tannery effluents ise124512
Blanca E. Chávez-Sandoval Application of Biosynthesized Gold Nanoparticles (GNPs) to Drug Detection ise131429
Shen-Ming Chen Fabrication of Conducting Polymer and Inorganic Material Modified Electrodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells and Electrochemical Sensing Applications ise124453
Jingyuan Chen Electrode reaction of bubbles, droplets and particles ise130832
Sheng-Pei Chen Preparation and Characterization of CoNi Alloy Nanoparticles and Their Electrocatalytic Properties ise124750
Cheng-Hui Chen Thermodynamic Studies on Cyclic Voltammogram of the Ferri/Ferro System Using Approximate Entropy Algorithm ise124829
Pushpa Chhetri Study of Band Structure of ZnO Nanowires ise130713
Dayanne Chianca de Moura Application of Electrochemical Technology for Treating Effluents Generated by Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte: Direct and Mediated Electrochemical Oxidation ise131165
Won Il Cho Hollow Carbon/Sulfur Nano-composite Cathode for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries ise130427
Won Il Cho Effects of Heat Treatment Temperature on the Electrochemical Properties of ZnMn2O4 ise130429
Myounghoon Choun Effect of oxygen functional species of carbon on an electrocatalytic oxidation of L-Ascorbic acid ise131447
Mehrin Chowdhury The effect of surfactants at the oil and water interface ise130837
You Qun Chu Electrochemical properties of amino-fluorinated graphite felt as the positive electrode of a vanadium redox battery ise130995
Daniel Cintora Juarez Improved cycling performance of LiFePO4 cathode material by coating with PEDOT conducting polymer ise130798
Alejandro N. Colli Local Mass Transfer Study at Parallel Plate Electrodes Under Laminar Flow Conditions ise124559
Alejandro N. Colli Mass Transfer Performance of a Parallel Plate Reactor with Convergent Flow ise124560
María Olga Concha Guzmán Effect of Roughness on the Electrochemical Reduction of TiO2-GO Electrodes ise130705
María Olga Concha Guzmán Effect of pH on the Electrochemical Reduction of TiO2-GO Electrodes ise130707
Susana Cordoba de Torresi Metal-conducting polymer hybrid nanoparticles for optical devices ise130553
deysi cruz gonzalez Synthesis of potential corrosion inhibitors derived from 2-mercaptobenzimidazole ise132003
Martin Cruz-Diaz Modeling the RTD of a modified electrochemical reactor FM01-LC using CFD ise131657
Rodolfo Cruz-Silva Electrochemical Monitoring of Enzymatic Polymerizations Catalyzed by Oxidoreductases ise131396
Cecilia Cuevas Arteaga Mechanical and electrical characterization of TiO2 nanostructures at low potential in ethylene-glycol-NH4F with 1 vol % water. ise131282
Cecilia Cuevas Arteaga Corrosion Performance of Stainless Steels in NaVO3 at 700°C ise131338
Yanhua Cui Electrochemical Characterization of Three Dimensional TiO2 Nanofibers Electrode Fabricated by Electrospinning ise131148
Jardel Dantas da Cunha Influence of Magnesium in Aluminum Alloys - Class 6000 used in Brazilian Petrochemical Industry ise130905
Marcin Dąbrowski Electrochemically-induced mesoporous molecularly imprinted organosilica films, deposited as recognition units of piezomicrogravimetric chiral chemosensors, for selective detection and determination of D-arabitol and L-arabitol ise130936
Duc Tai Dam Mesoporous supercapacitor materials ise124903
Luiza M. F. Dantas Amperometric determination of hydrogen peroxide using a copper microelectrode ise131092
Martín Dávila Irradiation products of dopamine: Their electrochemical (ED), UV-DAD and ESI-TOF-MS detection in LC ise124716
Samuel De La Luz-Merino Nanostructured CuInSe2 Prepared on Porous Silicon Templates by Electrodeposition ise130725
ANDRES DECTOR Evaluation of glucose microfluidic fuel cell based in electrodeposition electrodes on Pyrolized photoresist films ise131158
D. Del Angel-López Analysis of degradation process during the incorporationof ZrO2:SiO2 ceramic nanostructures into polyurethane coatings for the corrosion protection of carbon steel ise124881
Alfredo Del Oso Electrochemical and UV-Vis Response Comparison of Poly-3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene (PEDOT) Electropolymerized in Different Organic Solvent Mixtures on ITO Electrodes. ise124891
Rodrigo Del Rio Electrochemical Oxidation of Diethyl Phthalate Using Modified and Unmodified Boron-Doped Diamond Anodes ise130541
M. Angelica del Valle Electro-synthesis and Characterization of Poly(aniline) and Poly(o-anisidine) Assisted by Ultrasonic Perturbation ise124861
Matteo Destro Flexible Cellulose-Based Electrodes: Towards Eco-Friendly All-Paper Li-Ion Batteries ise131060
Francesco Di Franco Electrochemical methods for carrier type identification of ZnO films grown by pulsed laser deposition on InP ise131071
Francesco Di Franco Electrochemical fabrication of Cu2O/TiO2 nanotubes junctions with visible light photoactivity ise131068
E.F. Diaz Study of corrosion performance of AISI-309 exposed to high temperature in molten salts V2O5-Na2SO4 at 700°C. ise131214
Elena Díaz de León Electrochemical determination of capsaicin using a β-cyclodextrin modified carbon paste electrode ise124676
Elena Díaz de León-Zavala Cyclic voltammetric study of formation inclusion complexes between cyclodextrins and capsaicin in aqueous solution and attached on a carbon paste electrode ise131435
Luís Frederico P. Dick SVET with Simultaneous Straining for in situ Study of The Stress Corrosion Craking of API 5L X65 Steel ise131639
Lei Du Pt and Pt-Ru Alloy Electrocatalysts for Direct Dimethyl Ether Fuel Cells: The Effect of Operating Temperature on the Rate-determining Step ise130760
M. Jazmin Duarte Correa Mesoporous Structures from Amorphous Alloys Precursors ise130389
Boris Duran Electrochemical immunosensor based on gold nanoparticles for detecting corticotropin realising factor ise130790
Christian Durante Highly Selective Electrochemical Hydrogenation of Acetylene to Ethylene at Ag and Cu Cathodes ise131090
Ali Ehsani Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study of ion diffusion in restricted area ise130467
Michael Eikerling Modelling of water sorption and swelling in polyelectrolyte membranes under the impact of degradation ise131436
Rubi Enciso Simulation of mass transfer and degradation of 2-thiocyanomethylthiobenzothiazole (TCMTB) using a BDD DiaCell ® reactor ise130604
María Elena Escalante Pérez Comparative Study of Electrochemical Behavior Between Stainless Steel AISI 321 and Mild Steel Microalloyed Immersed in Seawater ise130599
Beatriz Escobar Morales Electrochemical Properties of PtRu Nanoparticles Obtained by Colloidal Dispersion and Supported on MWCNT ise130889
José Roberto Espinosa Lumbreras Electronic DNA sensor by impedance measurements using wavelet of five ac frequencies ise131184
Araceli Espinoza Vazquez Thermodynamic and Kinetic Parameters of Corrosion Inhibition of Steel in 1M HCl using Fluconazol as Inhibitor ise130910
Araceli Espinoza Vazquez Inhibition of Mild Steel Corrosion in HCl by Di-Alkyl and Di-1,2,3-Triazole Derivatives Of Uracile and Thymine ise130917
Alejandro Estrella-Gutiérrez Electrodeposition and characterization of selective solar absorber coatings from bright and black nickel ise130896
Luis Alberto Estudillo Wong TiO2-C composite as a support for Pd-nanoparticles toward the electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol in alkaline media ise132458
FRANCISCO ESTUPIÑAN Electrochemical evaluation of pitting corrosion in stainless steels duplex 2205 by polarization cyclic potentiodinamyc in FeCl3 ise131590
David Evrard Identification of the three-step reduction mechanism of 4-nitrobenzene diazonium by electrochemistry and spectroscopies ise130495
Nedja Fernandes Electrooxidation of Folic Acid Using Boron Doped Diamond Electrode ise130848
Nedja Fernandes Applicability of Electroanalysis for Monitoring Oxalic Acid (OA) Concentration during its Electrochemical Oxidation ise130845
Francisco Emanuel Fernandes Rego Blue Novacron-CD (CD-BN) Degradation by electron Fenton process, using carbon graphite cathodes ise131260
Francisco Emanuel Fernandes Rego Electrochemical treatment of carwashes effluents ise131261
Jose Fernandez Hydrogen Oxidation on ensembles of Pt nanostructures supported on microelectrodes ise131470
Ricardo Ariel Fernández A comparative study of the electrodeposition of polypyrrole from protic and aprotic ionic liquids. ise131061
Lenys Fernández Horseradish peroxidase modified electrode based on a film of Co-Al layered double hydroxide modified with sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate for determination of 2-chlorophenol ise130672
Maiara Barbosa Ferreira Application of Electrochemical Flow Reactor for removing Remazol Brilliant Yellow Using Boron-Doped Diamond and Iridium Oxide Anodes ise130900
Sergio Ferro Electrokinetic Remediation of Soils contaminated by Heavy Metals ise124941
Roman Fiala The Pt-CeOx Carbon Supported Catalysts for PEM FC and its CO Tolerance ise131615
Sandra Jazmin Figueroa Ramirez Evaluation of electroactive area of porous carbon film electrodes ise131391
Janusz Flis Determination of Hydrogen Absorption in Iron Cathodes for Alkaline Water Electrolysis by Anodic Discharging and Electrochemical Permeation Technique ise124712
Iwona Flis-Kabulska Antimony Microelectrode for Facile Measurements of the Near-Surface pH. Identification of Electrode Processes Involving Protons ise124719
Juan Carlos Flores Segura Effect of the Agitation Speed in the Deposit of Iron from Kaolin Clay Solution ise124612
Mendoza Francisco Applying molecular dynamics for the understanding of the charge transfer at the ITIES. ise130680
Alejandro A. Franco MS LIBER-T: a new multiscale computational framework for the simulation of electrochemical devices for energy conversion and storage ise131307
K. Andreas Friedrich Investigation of rechargeable lithium-sulfur batteries by in-situ techniques: Insight into interfacial processes ise131046
Carlos Frontana Discerning Between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Electron Transfer on the formation of Biradical Dianion Species in nor-beta-Lapachones containing Nitro groups ise131587
Kuan-Zong Fung Capacity Enhancement of doped Li4Ti5O12 Anode for Li Battery Application ise131648
Kuan-Zong Fung Performance Enhancement of V2O5-WO3/TiO2 Honeycomb SCR Catalysts for NOx Removal Applications ise131170
LAURA GALICIA Electroanalytical quantification of 8-hydroxy 2’-deoxyguanosine on a glassy carbon electrodes modified with a dispersion of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in different dispersing agent. ise130852
Raul Garcia Electrochemical Behavior of Metallic Rhenium in Acid Aqueous Media ise124854
Tania Garcia Selective electrodeposition of zinc from mixtures of protic ionic liquids with its molecular precursors ise124654
Camilo García Hybrids cationic 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(α-tri-phenylphosphonio-p-tolyl porphyrins/Quantum dots and its interaction with DNA calf thymus ise130412
Orlando García Voltammetric determination of Iron using a glassy carbon and gold electrodes. ise130446
América García Delgado Electrochemical Assessment Of Steel-Concrete Reinforced System Modified With Natural Fibers For Its Anticorrosion Protection ise131591
Paol Navid García Hernández Performance of supercapacitors based on poly(pyrrole)/graphene and PEDOT/graphene ise131424
María Fernanda García Montoya Application of advanced oxidation processes for electrochemical degradation of the pharmaceutical compound dissolved in water ise124658
Marco Antonio García Morales Synergy of electrochemical oxidation using boron-doped diamond (BDD) electrodesand ozone (O3) in industrial wastewater treatment ise124853
Dora Alicia García Osorio Electrochemical Degradation of Reactive Blue 19 in Textile Wastewater with Auxiliary Compounds by Means of SnO2-Carbon Anodes ise124681
Rodrigo García Rodríguez Study of Transport and Recombination Properties of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells as a Function of Morphology and Redox Couple using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy ise130667
Arturo-de-Jesus Garcia-Mendoza Construction and evaluation of reference electrodes for an ionic liquid, [C2mim][NTf2], using cobaltocenium cation as an internal reference. ise130844
Esteban Garcia-Ochoa Fractal geometry using electrochemical noise (EN) and image analysis. ise124621
Sergi Garcia-Segura Treatment of Sunset Yellow FCF Azo Dye by Anodic Oxidation, Electro-Fenton, UVA Photoelectro-Fenton and Solar Photoelectro-Fenton Processes ise124698
Gerardo Garduño Corvera Hexafluorotitanic and Hexafluorozirconic Acids as Surface Modifiers in Low Carbon Steel for Automotive Use ise124489
Nadia Garino Zinc oxide nanostructures and their characteristics as Li-ion (micro)battery anodes ise131145
Elizabeth Garrido-Ramirez Atrazine Degradation by Heterogeneous Electro-Fenton Process Using Allophane Clays Supported with Iron Oxide as Iron Dosage ise130942
Benjamín Raymundo Garza Campos Atrazine degradation by coupling advanced oxidation processes: photo electro Fenton, anodic oxidation and heterogeneous photocatalysis. ise124880
Natalia Gasilova Coupling of Droplet Microfluidic Platform with Electrostatic-Spray Ionization Mass Spectrometry ise130573
Liliana Gassa Inhibitive Action of Cysteine on Copper Corrrosion in Alkaline Solutions ise131495
Silvia Gelover Use of Pulse Current in an Electrochemical Reactor for Silica Removal ise131411
Armando Gennaro Electrocatalytic Activation of Aromatic C-Br Bonds at Silver and Copper Cathodes for the Electrosynthesis of Substituted Benzoic Acids ise131101
Claudio Gervasi Conformational and Thermal Transitions of PMETAC Brushes in NaCl and NaClO4 Solutions. ise130598
Fernando Godínez Study of the Effect of Pt Shell Coverage on Ni Core for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction ise130418
Bruna Gomes Copper Elecdeposition Studies Using in situ Time Domain NMR ise124564
Humberto Gomez Electrodeposition of ZnO nanowires from DMSO solutions on porous alumina membranes: evaluation of their performance in dye sensitized solar cells ise130557
J. Daniel Gómez Evaluation of three Organic Coatings for Underground Pipelines through Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and Cyclic Corrosion Tests. ise130752
Maria Gómez-Mingot Acetylcholinesterase Biosensors Based on Immobilization on Mesoporous Carbon Supports for the Detection of Pesticides ise130883
Vinicius Gonçales Thin Films of Conducting Polymers with tubular Structure through Template synthesis ise130904
Beatriz Gonzalez Synthesis and Characterization of New Ruthenium Complexes to Modify Electrodes to be used as Sensors ise124868
Liliana González Linares Electrochemical Evaluation of Antimalarial Drugs ise124639
Carlos Alberto González Rodríguez Influence of Desulfovibrio vulgaris growth in the mechanism of corrosion of a low carbon steel ise130932
Miguel A. González-Fuentes Attachment of Nitrophenyl Groups on Glassy Carbon Surface by Electrochemical Oxidation of Nitrophenylcarboxylates Mediated with a Ferrocene Derivative ise131363
Miku Gotou Aluminum Film Formation from Non-aqueous Solution by Electrochemical Technique ise130420
Mario Grágeda Performance of various anode materials in ED cell for production of battery grade lithium compounds ise131381
Andrés Gualdrón Boron-doped TiO2/graphene for enhanced photoelectrochemical phenol oxidation under visible light ise130950
Saurav K. Guin Template-free electrosynthesis of monodispersed gold nanoparticles on glassy carbon electrode for the determination of Pb(II) at ultratrace levels ise124630
Vinod Kumar Gupta Cholesterol Voltammetric Biosensor Using FFT Admittance based on MWCNT-ZnO nanoparticles ise124510
Mayra Polett Gurrola Synthesis and Characterization of High Surface Support Based on Sb - Doped SnO2 ise131209
José Luis Gutierrez Díaz Composite formed of polythiophene derivative, ash and ferric nitrate as smart coating against corrosion ise124879
Evelin Gutiérrez Moreno Impedimetric Sambucus nigra biosensor for recognition of cancer-associated sialyl-Tn antigen ise124855
Alberto Gutiérrez-Becerra Self-diffusion Coefficients of Reverse Microemulsions Measured by Microelectrode Cyclic Voltammetry ise130925
Carlos Guzman Synthesis of Pt – TiO2 nanoparticles by Sol - Gel and photoactivity evaluation. ise131409
Dafne Guzmán Spectro-Electrochemical and Dft Study of Tenoxicam Metabolites Formed by Its Electrochemical Oxidation ise130438
Dafne Guzmán Electrochemical and Spectrophotometrical Determination of the Thermodynamic Constants of the Inclusion Complex Formed by Tenoxicam and beta-Cyclodextrin ise130940
Do xuan Ha Hydroquinone Diphosphate as a Phosphatase Substrate in Enzymatic Amplification Combined with Electrochemical-Chemical-Chemical Redox Cycling for the Detection of E. Coli O157:H7 ise130735
Vladimir Halouzka A Novel Electrochemical Sensor for the Detection of Purine Derivatives ise131277
Vladimir Halouzka Silver and Platinum Modified Carbon Fiber Microelectrodes Coated with Nafion for Hydrogen Peroxide Determination ise130636
Kyu-Sung Han Recycling of ZnO Waste to Functional Ceramic Nanoparticles ise124899
Scott Harroun Development of a DNA-based Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Tuberculosis at the Point-of-Care ise130653
Ayaz Hassan Pt Supported on Tungsten Carbide as High Stable CO Tolerant Anode Electrocatalyst in the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs) ise131232
Araceli Hernandez Development and Characterization of Titanium dioxide electrodes by Spin-coating for Photovoltaic application on Titanium substrate. ise124663
Loreto Hernandez Electrosynthesis of Nano-wires of Poly (1-amine-9,10-anthraquinone ) on Poly(1-amine-9,10-anthraquinone-co-o-phenylenediamine) ise124869
Laura Hernández Alvarado Phytic Acid Coatings on Mg and AZ31 Mg Alloy ise124679
Enrique Hernández Sánchez On the corrosion resistance of borided AISI 316L steel type exposed to a biological solution ise130870
Marco Hernandez-Escampa Electrochemical Evaluation of TiO2 and TiO2−CeO2 Based Nanofibers Coatings in Bronze Substrate ise131041
Juan Hernandez-Tapia A factorial design 32 to analyse the significance of inter-electrode gap, electrolyte conductivity and cathode rotation in an electrochemical reactor with RCE ise130769
Hugo Herrera Sinthesis of TiO2 Nanoporous. Electrical and Mechanical Characterization. ise130679
Dallely Melissa Herrera Zamora Analysis of Electrochemical Noise of the Corrosion Potential in Early Stages of AISI 304 Stainless Steel Exposed to Stationary Seawater ise130613
Sho Hideshima Response of Field Effect Transistor Biosensor to Amyloid Beta (1-42) Depending on Its Growth ise131044
Maurício Hilgemann Evaluation of electrodialysis system for total nitrogen extraction ise131588
An Hongze Preparation and Properties of Carbon/Polyaniline Composite Electrode Material Hybrid Capacitor ise124451
Ling Huang Room-temperature synthesis of Co(OH)2 hexagonal sheets and their topotactic transformation into Co3O4 (111) porous structure with enhanced lithium-storage properties ise130928
Binbin Huang Thermodynamic and electrochemical properties of chlorinated volatile organic compounds (Cl-VOCs) and their correlations for indication of reductive dehalogenation ise124588
Salvador Ibarra-Treviño Structural and electrochemical characterization of SnO2 and SnO2-Co3O4 mixed oxides synthesized by Pechini method ise132447
Tsutomu Ioroi Corrosion-Resistant Sub-Stoichiometric Titanium Oxide Catalyst Support for Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cells ise131395
Rafael Irigoyen Electrochemical Characterization of Asymmetric meso-Substituted Porphyrins ise130984
Mauricio Isaacs Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide in Ionic Liquids With N-4 macrocyclic Complexes Containing Transitions Metals ise130608
Jana Jaklová Dytrtová Tebuconazole complexes with zinc(II) in solution probed using various electrochemical methods ise124488
Paola Jara-Ulloa Modified glassy carbon electrode by electropolymerization of polyphenols for detection copper in aquous solutions ise131559
María Inés Jaramillo Gutiérrez Electrochemical Filter Press Reactor Using Electrodes of Stainless Steel Mesh ise131182
Oscar Andrés Jaramillo Quintero Effect of Annealing on the Surface Potential of TiO2 Nanowires and Nanotubes ise130697
Beomgyun Jeong Transient Activity Behavior of Bi-modified Pt Surfaces in Formic Acid Electrooxidation ise131446
Jungwon Jeong The effect of Pt-based hollow catalyst on the performance of DMFC ise130433
Gregory Jerkiewicz Nickel Foams and Their Electrochemical, Materials Science and Surface Science Characteristics ise131372
Zheng Jia Production of water-holding graphene sludge and its applications in electrochemical energy devices.doc ise130954
Carmen Jiménez Borja Novel electrocatalytic systems for hydrogen production ise131444
Deborah Jones Low Equivalent Weight Short Side Chain PFSA with Improved Mechanical Properties ise131266
Deborah Jones Effect of Non-Carbon Nanostructured Supports on the Stability of Pt Nanoparticles during Voltage Cycling ise131269
Martin Jonsson-Niedziolka Investigation of the Kinetics of Enzymatic Reactions in Solution Using RDE and Microfluidics ise131593
José Luis Jurado Baizaval Electrochemical analysis of Enterococcus faecalis in water by impedance measurements ise130696
Izabela Kaminska Gold nanoparticles electrogenerated at a three-phase junction and their application in surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy ise124709
Junhee Kang First-Principles Study of the Surface Mn Dissolution Processes of Cathode of Li-ion Batteries ise131732
Mohammadreza Karamad Alloy electrocatalysts for electrochemical reduction of CO2 ise131188
Padmasree Karinjilottu Padmadas Evaluation of Pt Supported on Metal Oxides as Electrocatalysts for the Ethanol Oxidation Reaction ise124876
Elena Karyakina Prussian Blue Based Lactate Biosensor for Non-invasive Diagnostics ise131130
Kanghoon Kim Ultrassound Assisted Pd Activation for Cu Electroless Deposition ise130459
Kwang Bum Kim Oxide/Graphene Nanocomposite Functional Materials ise130983
Hyunseok Kim Capacitive Deionization with Ion Exchange Spacer for High Purity Water Treatment ise124807
Ayuko Kitajou Cathode Properties of Iron Oxide-AF (A=Li and Na) Composite Cathode for Lithium and Sodium-Ion Batteries ise130728
Richard Kloepsch Effect of surface-fluorination on the electrochemical performance of Li-rich layered oxide cathode material Li1.2Mn0.56Ni0.16Co0.08O2 ise131502
Genki Kobayashi Surface and Bulk Structures of Li-Rich Layered Oxides, xLiMO2 – (1-x)Li2MnO3, Coated with Al2O3 ise131146
Ichiro Koiwa Analyses of Plated Films by Thermal Desorption Spectrometry (TDS)Å@Å]Especially for Cyanide for Films Plated from Cyanide Free Bath- ise124925
Sebojka Komorsky-Lovriæ abrasive stripping voltammetry of myricetin and dihydromyricetin ise124479
Akira Kotani Determination of p<i>K</i><sub>b</sub> of Weak Base Compounds Using the Voltammetric Oxidation of Trolox ise130435
Petr Krtil Oxygen Reduction on Doped Nanocrystalline MnO2 ise124834
Tatiana Kulova Si/SiO2 Nanostructured Composite as Anode for Lithium-Ion Batteries ise131017
Stefan Kurek Quantity Transformed into Quality. Unexpected Effects of Increasing Number of Bromine Atoms in Alicyclic and Aromatic Molecules on Electrochemical Behaviour ise131325
Wlodzimierz Kutner A General Protocol of Designing and Fabricating Thin Films of Conducting Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Application to Selective Sensing ise131536
Elizaveta Kuznetsova Design of the IrO2-based catalysts for parallel oxygen and chlorine evolution: tailoring of activity and selectivity by changing local structure of the catalysts ise124710
Fabio La Mantia Exploring the non-linear behavior of electrochemical systems: the intermodulated differential immittance spectroscopy ise130582
Benjamin Lachmann Electrical conductivity of single molecules measured with conductive AFM ise130549
Francois Lapicque Hydrometallurgical treatment of secondary raw materials by electroleaching / electrodeposition in a single cell ise130555
Jhovany Lara Evaluation of TiO2 coatings with cerium (IV) deposited on stainless-steel prepared by sol-gel method and dip-coating technique ise124490
Luz María Lazo Synthesis and electropolymerization of low band gap polymer based on 4,7-Di (thiophen-2-yl)-benzo[c] [1,2,5]thiadiazole, (DTBT), for photovoltaic application. ise131484
Pablo Ledezma Robustness of Autonomous MFC Systems utilising Waste for Energy Harvesting ise132449
Jooyul LEE Microstructure Functionalization by Hard NiBW Electroless deposition ise124600
Jooyul LEE Fabrication of Semi-transparent Pure Copper Electrode Using Electrodeposition/Transfer Process ise124599
Hyunjoon Lee Relation between The PEMFC Peformance and The Thickness of Pt-SiO2 Catalyst Layer ise130461
Suk Woo Lee A Comparative Study on Carbon Structure of Reduced Graphene Oxide According to MnO2 Deposition Method ise130949
Ezequiel Leiva On The Limits of Underpotential Deposition in the Nanoscale ise131263
Abdulkadir Levent Electrochemical evaluation of testosterone hormone at bismuth film electrode ise130815
Mei Chao Li Electrochemical oxidation Reaction of 2,4-dichlorophenol ise131003
Fred Lisdat Coupling of enzyme reactions with QD electrodes - a photobioelectrochemical sensors for sarcosine - ise130626
Bin Liu Graphene doped molecularly imprinted microsensor for xanthine ise130490
Yi Liu Structural and Mechanistic Insights of Cobalt-based Electrocatalyst towards Oxygen Evolution Reaction ise132465
Jie Liu Three-dimensional structured silicon film anode material of lithium-ion battery with high performances ise124794
F. I. Lizama-Tzec Electrodeposition and Characterization of Nickel Oxide on Stainless Steel ise131245
F. I. Lizama-Tzec Electrodeposition of Nickel Oxide for Solar Collector Applications ise131217
William Lizcano-Valbuena Microbial fuel cells developments operated with different sludges as substrates in the anodic compartment ise131305
Justo Lobato Bio-hydrogen Production and Energy Harvesting through a High Temperature PEMFC Stack with Composite PBI Based Membranes. ise124827
Clinio Locatelli Sequential voltammetric determination of platinum group metals (PGMs) and lead as vehicle emission pollutants in vegetable, possible environmental bio-monitors. ise132425
Juan Ramón López The effect of boron content, crystal structure, and crystal size on the hardness of electrodeposited Ni-B coatings obtained from a sulfamate bath ise130605
Rosendo López Photocatalytic hydrogen production from Cu-TiO2 nanoparticles. ise132464
Rosendo López Electrochemical behavior of B-CD on TiO2 semiconductors for phenol elimination ise132463
Juan David López Hincapié Study on the Performance of a Low-Cost Air-Cathode MFC with Different F:M Ratios and Salinity Conditions ise130933
F. López Morales Effect of Gd Dopant on the Properties of Ti/SnO2-Sb(5%) Electrodes Prepared by Pechini Method. ise131063
Daniel Arcángel López Sauri Study of the Potential Oscillations During Electrodeposition of AgCd Alloys ise130367
Eduardo Alberto Lopez-Maldonado Zeta potential measurements of industrial semiconductor waste water during coagulant and flocculant addition ise131193
Grzegorz Lota The Influence of Graphite Electrode on Electrochemical Performance of High Energy Supercapacitors ise131270
Shuaifeng Lou Electrochemical Performance of TiNb2O7 Nanoparticles as Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Battery ise130771
Milivoj Lovric Cyclic voltammetry of the second order CE mechanism at the thin mercury film covered stationary planar electrode ise124481
Maria Luisa Lozano Camargo Spectroscopic characterization of Poly Fe (III)-5-Amino 1,10 Phenantroline formed on a carbon paste electrode and a glassy carbon spherical paste electrode ise131025
Maria Luisa Lozano Camargo Electrochemical Formation and optical characterization of Fe(III)-5-Aphen polymer on ITO ise131460
Xiaoquan Lu Photoelectrochemical Study Based On Porphyrin Functionalized-Carbon Materials Hybrid Nanocomposites ise124739
Karmen Lust Comparative Impedance Analysis of Cd(0001)|EMImBF4 and Cd(0001)|KI Aqueous Solution Interfaces at Different Temperatures ise130650
Chun an Ma Direct synthesis of tungsten carbide supported on the ordered mesoporous carbon ise131022
Chun an Ma Influence of the Supporting electrolyte on Electrochemical Synthesis of Anisaldehyde Dimethyl Acetale ise131005
Wesley Bruno Silva Machini Study of the Electrochemical Behavior of Tetra-&#956;-Oxo-tris[(phenanthroline)manganese(IV)] Complex in Aqueous Solution by Rotating Disk Electrode ise132426
Jouse Jonathan Machorro Electrodialysis of Merchant-Grade Phosphoric Acid ise124856
Norma Macias-Ruvalcaba Electrochemical and Spectroelectrochemical Characterization of the Evolution of Tetraphenylporphyrin Radical Cation Species. ise130689
Zulema Ángela Mahmud Relationship between thickness and textures for characterizing the zinc alloy coating with ceramic particles ise131456
Sarah Mallinson Redox Flow Battery Strategies: Tailoring Ion-Permeable Membranes ise124704
Juan Mancilla Screen-printed electrodes based on Carbon modifiedwith Carbon Nanotubes and Gold Nanoparticles for the determination of arsenic (III) ise130642
Humberto Mandujano-Ramírez Random Walk Numerical Simulation of Disordered Semiconductor Heterojunctions ise132444
Mayra Elba Manzanera Estrada Electrochemical behavior of the complex [Cu(pdto)(H2O)]2+ (pdto=1,8-bis-(2-pyridyl)-3,6-dithiaoctane) in the presence of the superoxide. ise124674
Hong-min Mao Preparation of Pd/SnO2/C catalysts and their electro catalytic properties for ethanol oxidation ise131469
Xin Biao Mao Electrochemical reduction of o-nitrobenzene in ionic liquids [Bmim]BF4 and [Bmim]Ac ise131002
Xin Biao Mao Electrochemical reduction of nitromethane in ionic liquid BMImAc ise131008
Irina Maremkulova Research of Joint Electroreduction of Cerium And Lanthanum Ions with Silicium-Ions in Halide Melts ise131123
Lucas Marinho Nóbrega de Assis Electrochromic Device with Prussian Blue and Pectin-based Electrolyte ise124777
Jessica Márquez León Electrochemical Study of Cytochrome C Immobilized on Porous Silicon Devices ise124892
Eduardo Martinez Relationship between stability of complexes formed by Electrochemically Conrolled Hydrogen Bonding and the chemical structures of nitrocompounds ise124669
Ixcel Alejandra Martinez Avila New photo-electro-fenton solid state process for purple water ise131457
Nora Elena Martínez Romero Electrochemical Desorption of Self-Assembled Monolayers of 4-Methyl-4´(n-mercaptoalkyl)biphenyls on Au(hkl) in HMImPF6 Ionic Liquid. ise131340
Marccus Victor Almeida Martins Enzyme Immobilization and Direct Electrochemistry Based on a New Flexible Carbon Fiber-Graphene Electrode ise132432
Jose de Ribamar Martins Electrochromic nanostructured WO3 films in protic ionic liquid electrolyte ise131059
Michele Mascia Electrochemical behaviour of Nb, Ta, Zr, and W in pyrrolidinium based ionic liquid. ise131558
Michele Mascia On the Electroreduction of Niobium from Ionic Liquid at Different Temperatures. ise130594
Luis Mata Cerium based conversion coating applied on carbon steel by a modified immersion ise124653
Hiroshi Matsubara Incorporation Mechanism of Colloidal TiO2 Nanoparticles into Electrolessly-Plated Ni Films ise130454
Shofu Matsuda Cellular Uptake of Magnetite Nanoparticles and Induction of Cell Death in Mesothelioma Cells ise131091
Mariko Matsunaga Chiral Discrimination of 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine by Electrodes Modified with Mesoporous Pt Film with a Large Number of Atomic Steps ise131493
Natalia Mayorova Pt/Pd/C Quasi Core-Shell Structures with Submonolayer Platinum Amounts ise130479
Natalia Mayorova Cyclometallized Ruthenium (II) Complex as a New Type of Sensitizer for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells ise130492
SALOMON MEJIA SINTILLO Determination of High Temperature Corrosion of AISI-310 Applying The Weight Loss Technique and Electrochemical Techniques. ise130895
Alix Melchy Kinetic model of chemical degradation in perfluorinated sulfonic acid ionomer membranes ise124781
Andy Alán Melo López Clays Electrochemical Purification: Preliminary Study ise124638
Manuel Mendez Copper and Platinum Nanoparticles as Amperometric Sensors in Chromatographic Determination of 8-Hydroxy-2´-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) ise124685
Erika Méndez Electro-Oxidation of Disazo Dye on Tantalum Oxide-Iridium Oxide Coated Titanium Electrode ise124627
Alia Méndez The Role of Cl- Ions During the Adsorption of Polyethylene Glycol (MW 20,000) onto a Polycrystalline Gold Electrode ise131377
Antonio Mendez-Blas Fabrication of Self-Sustained Porous Silicon Layers by Using an Improved Electrochemical Double-Step Pulsed Separation Method ise130452
Luis H. Mendoza-Huizar Electrodeposition of Magnetic Cobalt Nanoclusters from Ammonical Solutions on HOPG Electrodes. A Kinetical and Morphological Study. ise124595
Sun-il Mho Electrochemical Properties of C-coated Li2MSiO4(M=Fe,Mn) Nanocrystalline Cathodes ise124569
Sun-il Mho Electrochemical Characteristics of LiMn2O4 Spinel @ SiO2 Nanosphere Cathodes ise124571
Shelley Minteer Electrochemistry of Electron Transport Chain Complexes ise130931
Julia Miroshnichenko The Behaviour of Fine Titanium and Catalytically-Active Materials on its Basis in the Perchloric Acid ise130519
Mayeli Mondragón-Barrueta Reduction of O2(g) to H2O2 on boron-doped diamond electrode at different electrolyte concentrations in acidic media ise131582
FATIMA MONTEMOR Electrochemical Frequency Modulation Applied to the Study of Corrosion Inhibition of Reinforcing Steel in Electrolytes Simulating Concrete ise131519
Maria de los Angeles Montero Kinetic Study of Nanostructured Rhodium Electrodes Towards Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction. ise130690
Adriana Montiel García Electrochemical Evaluation Of Chemical Conversion Treatments On Steel Reinforcement ise131479
MILAGRO YESENIA MONTILLA DAVILA CdTe binary semiconductor electrodeposition in presence of Fe3+. ise131113
Sungmo Moon Chemical Conversion Coatings Formed on AZ31 Mg Alloy ise130450
Diana Morales Synthesis and performance of Pt supported on ordered mesoporous carbon as catalysts in DAFC: Effect of the support ise130709
Juan Carlos Morales Gomero Anodic formation of ordered TiO2 nanotubes arrays: effects of HF concentration, time and potential applied anodization in the dimensions of the nanotubes. ise131624
Patricia Moreira Electrocatalysis and Photoelectrocatalysis of Flumequine and Oxolinic Acid on Ti/TiO2 Electrode. ise130645
Marcos Roberto Moreira-Silva Junior Doping Control Analysis of the Hydrochlorothiazide Using a Nickel Oxide Modified Electrode ise124459
Edgar David Moreno-Medrano Adsorption Study of Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate during anodic oxidation of Chalcopyrite ise131015
David Moreno-Medrano EIS Evaluation of Kinetics Parameters for the Anodic Oxidation of Galena in Presence of Xanthate ise131654
A. Moreno-Zuria Micro-fabrication and electrochemical evaluation of a compact SU-8 micro-fuel cell ise131183
Raúl Moscoso 1,3-dixolane. A New Dispersant for the Preparation of Electrodes from Carbon Nanotubes ise131252
Hugo A Mosqueda Anthraquinone aqueous electrografting for storage energy ise132446
Artur Motheo Degradation of amaranth dye by coupling ultrasonic cavitation and electrolysis using a BDD anode ise131430
Zekra Mousavi Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes as Ion-to-Electron Transducer in All-Solid-State Potassium Ion-Selective Electrodes ise130531
Yoshihiro Mugikura Performance evaluation technology for long term durability and reliability of SOFCs ise124896
Yoshiharu Mukouyama Electrochemical Oscillations during Reduction of Nitrate Ions on Cu ise130472
Ivan Alejandro Muñoz New Alternatives Biocompatible Coatings Obtained By Chemical Conversion On TiAlV Alloys ise131233
Takuro Murata Bioelectrochemical Applications of Metal Nanoparticle-Modified Electrodes Prepared with Non-Conducting Supports ise130744
Taichi Nagai Effect of Film Composition on Hardness of Ni-W-B Plated Films ise130458
Maguy Nahra Physicochemical properties of RTIL used as electrolytes for refractory metal electrodeposition ise131581
Hiroki Nara Modification of Sulfur Cathode by Block Copolymer Gel Composed of Polyethylene Oxide-Polystyrene and LiFSA/BMPFSA for Lithium Secondary Battery ise131102
Valberes Nascimento Electrochemical Oxidation Mechanism of Ethidium Bromide at a Glassy Carbon Electrode ise124733
Thabile Ndlovu The use of exfoliated graphite electrodes for detection of organic and inorganic pollutants ise124524
Joanna Niedziolka-Jonsson (Bio)electrocatalysis at Indium Tin Oxide Nanoparticulate Film Decorated with Gold ise131514
Viktoria Nikitina Specifics of Solvation and Electron Transfer Kinetics in Ionic Liquids ise131246
Hiroshi Nishihara Interfacial Synthesis of Redox-active and Conducting Metal Complex Nanosheets ise124746
Sudong Noh Facile Decrease in the Electron-Transfer Rate and Surface Roughness of Gold by Ultrasonic Treatment ise130733
Sandra Nolasco Characterization of Metronidazole in Aqueous Solution After a Process of Degradation by Electrochemical Peroxidation ise131211
Reza Ojani Study of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Based on Pd/Pt Network-like Microstructures Modified Copper Electrode ise124848
Hwiseok Ok Time-Dependent Decrease in the Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activities Observed after Three Different Pretreatments of Gold Electrodes ise130734
Hiroaki Okamoto Preparation and electrochemical of organogel electrolyte based on aprotic low molecular weight organic gelators ise131374
Wesley Okiei Effect of Sodium Chloride as Dopant on Polyaniline – Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode and its Application in the Electroanalysis of Haemoglobins. ise131528
Astrid J. Olaya Wavelength Tunable Surface Second Harmonic Generation to Study the Dynamics of Photo Active Molecules at Liquid &#9474; Liquid Interfaces ise131080
André Olean Oliveira Electrochemical Preparation of Poly[Ni(Schiff)] Nanowires With Active Heads of Oxide Nickel for Ethanol Eletrooxidation ise124464
Elton Oliveira Investigation of the effect of the addition of Cu corrosion inhibitors on the corrosion behavior of high strength Al alloys in chloride containing solution. ise131561
Marina Avelino Santos de Oliveira Use of Electrochemical Technologies for Depuration of Effluents generated by Brazilian Petrochemical Industry. ise131175
Hector Ortiz The effects of gelatin in the nucleation and growth of Zinc on commercial aluminum from high concentrate acidic sulfate electrolytes containing 1.14 M Zn (II) ise124677
Mariela Ortiz Electrochemical Characterization of Nickel Hydroxide Electrodes with MWCNT ise131473
Roberto Ortiz Glucose Biofuel Cell Anode Based on (i)Corynascus thermophilus(/i) Cellobiose Dehydrogenase and Glucose Enhanced Mutants on Aryl Diazonium Salts Activated Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes ise131317
Edwin Oseguera Solar-Hydrogen productionHybrid system: Renewable Energy-Hydrogen system ise131628
Alain Pailleret Nanostructured polypyrrole powders : from synthesis using MnO2 as sacrificial oxidizing Template to applications in composite electrode materials for supercapacitors ise131619
Claudia Carina Pareja Rivera Synthesis and Design of a Modified Anode Based on ZnO Nanorods and Gold Nanoparticles for its application in Photoelectrochemical Solar Cells ise130922
Kyung Ju Park in-situ Transmittance Measurement for Characterization of Organic Additives in Cu Electroless Deposition ise124748
Marcia Elizangela Paulino Adsorption of Organic Molecules on the Platinum Surface decorated by Rhodium and Tin ise131385
jorge pavez Assembled Electrodic Systems: an Experimental and Theoretical approach ise131178
Gabriela Karina Pedraza Basulto Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of API 5L-X52 Steel in E95 and E10 Blend. ise131526
Pucheng Pei In-Situ Measurement of the MEAs Consistency in Fuel Cell Stack ise124740
Emese Peintler-Krivan Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured ZnO/Conducting Polymer Composites for Photovoltaic Applications ise131611
Roselyn Peña Removal of Pb2+ with functionalized magnetic nanoparticles: evaluation by anodic stripping voltammetry ise130603
Juan Manuel Peralta hernandez Coupled electrocoagulation-electro Fenton/BDD process for tannery effluents treatment ise124657
DANIEL PEREZ Electrochemical Noise Analysis of Nickel Based Superalloys ise131595
María Rosalina Pérez García Electrophoretic Deposition as a New Technique to Fabricate DSA Electrocatalysts for Water Treatment ise131614
Adrian Perez Jerez Chemical Treatment Conversion On Bluing Sealing With Cerium On Carbon Steel. ise131369
Jaromir Pocedic Intensification of the all-vanadium redox flow battery ise130485
Camila A. Proença Analysis of Voltammetric Data for the Evaluation of Atmospheric Particulate Lead Concentration and Its Relationship with Relative Humidity. ise130938
Arturo Salomon Quiñones-Carrillo Differential Pulse Voltammetric DNA Hybridization Event Detection for Human Papillomavirus Sensing ise131259
Josephine Quirino-Gutiérrez Electrochemical study of the pitting reproducibility ise131640
Galo Ramirez Electro – oxidation of Nitrite, Using Glassy Carbon Electrode Activated by Electrochemical Oxidation. Assay as Electrochemical Sensor ise130577
JoseManuel RAMIREZ HERRERA Surface modified magnesium alloys by chemical treatments. Applications biomaterials ise131378
José Luis Ramírez Reyes Weather Season Effects over the Atmospheric Corrosivity of Galvanized Steel in Veracruz México ise130765
Minerva Ramírez-Berriozabal Carbon Paste Electrodes Prepared from Different Carbonaceous Materials ise131000
Andrea Ramos Electrosynthesis of Polymeric Nano-structures Directly on Pt Electrode Using a Silica Template ise124867
Magdalena Rangel Argote Catalytic activity of electrode materials based on polypyrrole amphiphile, multi-wall carbon nanotubes and cobalt phthalocyanine for the electrooxydation of L-Cysteine ise130963
Chinmoy Ranjan Electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction: Behavior of noble and non-noble metal oxides under conditions of oxygen evolution ise131295
Nelly Rayón López Fabrication of nanoestructured Titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoporous via electrochemical anodization in an aqueous electrolyte of CH3-COOH /HF at high potential. ise130643
Francisco Javier Recio Stability of FePc as catalyst of oxygen reduction reaction. ise131235
Ibeth Rendón Electroactivity study of recovered indium tin oxide electrodes ITO and characterization by spectroscopy UV/VIS and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) ise124735
Alma Reyes-Reyes Metamitron transfer across the interface of two immiscible electrolyte solution ise124789
Judith Rishpon Peptide-Nanostructure combined with carbon-nanotubes for Ultrasensitive Bio-Electrochemical Sensors ise124771
Eligio Rivero Experimental and Modeling Study of the Effect of Geometric Changes on the Performance of RCE Reactors for Cu Recovery ise131530
Gabriela Roa Morales Electrogeneration of hydrogen peroxide at pilot scale ise131306
Irma Robles Ecotoxicological Evaluation for an Hydrocarbon Polluted Soil after Applying an Electrokinetic Treatment ise124608
Romeu C. Rocha-Filho Direct and Indirect Electrochemical Degradation of Tebuthiuron with Different Anodes ise131511
Jassiel Rodriguez Effect of the Ce incorporation on Pt/LaNiO3 electrocatalysts for oxidation of methanol ise131293
Francisca Alicia Rodríguez Electrochemical Study of DSA Electrodes for the Formation of Active Chlorine and the Electro-oxidation of Dyes ise131057
Fausto Rodriguez-Acuña Correlation of Microstructure and Electrochemical Behavior in High Tin Historic and Modern Bell Bronzes ise131031
Edelmira Rodriguez-Clemente Corrosion inhibition of carbon Steel 1018 in sulphuric acid medium by different organic extract of Allium sativum. ise131545
Piotr Romanczyk Electronic Communication across Saturated Bridges in Dimolybdenum Scorpionates: The Effect of Substituents and Local Environment ise131329
M. Alejandra Romero Urea Oxidation on Ni(OH)2/C-PVC and Ni(OH)2/Ni-PVC Composite Electrodes ise124713
Lucía Romo Corrosion behavior of Fe40Al with additions of elements in NaCl-KCl molten salt. ise130973
Elba Socorro Rosas Tate Carbon paste electrode modified with lemon peel (Citrus limonum) and xanthate lemon peel for detection of Pb(II) ise131405
Alberto Rosas_Aburto Physicochemical Characterization of PEDOT:Halloysite Nano-tubes as Conductive Fillers in Polymers ise124644
Davide Rosestolato The Chlorine Evolution Reaction as Diagnostic Method for characterizing Iridium Oxide based Electrodes ise124939
Natasha Ross The role of spinel phase LiPtAu0.02Mn1.98O4 nano-materials in the enhancement of the current discharge density of Lithium-ion batteries ise130810
Jan Rossmeisl Universality in Electro-catalysis of ORR and OER ise131513
Noelia Ruiz Ni59Nb40Pt0.6X0.4 (X= Pd, Rh, Co, Ru) Amorphous catalysts as cathodes, supported on membranes Nafion XL for PEMFC ise130528
Izabela S.Pieta Advanced DME Steam Reforming Catalyst for Fuel-Cell Application ise130678
Gulnara Safina Novel Electrochemical Biosensing Platform Based on Vertically Aligned Nanostructured Material ise131173
R Salazar Substituent effect on the electrochemical behavior of hydroquinone derivatives in acetonitrile media ise130616
Moisés Israel Salazar-Gastélum Electro-Fenton Process Using a Novel Electrocatalyst of Bimetallic Nanoparticles Pt-Ir Deposited on MWNTCs ise130611
Aline Maria Sales Solano Turquoise Blue dye degradation by Eletron-Fenton process ise131226
Aline Maria Sales Solano Electrocoagulation process using Al and Fe electrodes for treating effluent generated by graphic plate developer industry ise131234
Paola Salgado-Figueroa Simple Pretreatment to Enhance the Electro-Active Area of CNF-SPE. ise130934
Roberto R Salinas Guzmán Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Lead Dioxide for Oxygen Evolution Reaction ise131464
Maialen Sanchez Ternary amorphous alloys based on Ni59Nb40Pt0.6Sn0,2X0.2 (X= Co, Pd) as electrocatalysts for PEMFCs. ise130534
Cervando Sanchez-Muñoz Mathematical simulation of the transfer of 4-tritylaniline across the water|1,2-dichloroethane interface ise130724
Nedher Sanchez-Ramirez Physico-Chemical Properties of Ionic Liquids Based in Phosphonium Cation ise130523
Jose Sandoval Amperometric Glucose Biosensor Based on the Immobilization of Glucose Oxidase at Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes/Pectin/Cu2+ Nanocomposite Film ise131190
Verónica Santamaría DáVila Electrochemical characterization of new ITO and ITO recovered from organic solar cells. ise131604
Rigoberto Santoyo-Cisneros Effect of anodic poised potential on the removal of naproxen sodium using bioelectrochemical systems (BESs). ise130654
Yareli Anabel Sariñana Ruiz Application of electrokinetic process for reclamation of impacted fluor and arsenic soil: case of Northern México region ise130835
Estela Sarmiento Bustos Atmospheric Corrosion in the State of Morelos, Mexico: Contributions to Infrastructure and Cultural Heritage Conservation. ise131610
Yuichi Sato Surface Modification Effect on Electrochemical Performance of Li-rich Layered xLi2MnO3-(1-x)LiMO2 ise124647
Ricardo Schrebler Comparative study of the photoelectrocatalytic oxidation of organic molecules on &#945;-Fe2O3 electrodes modified with Platinum ise130800
Christopher Schulz Influence of Metal Cations and the Polycation Polyethylenimine on the Electrochemistry of Cellobiose Dehydrogenase ise131129
Renata Selesovska Voltammetric Determination of Herbicide Metamitron Using Mercury and Silver Solid Amalgam Electrode ise124585
Mohita Sharma Bioelectrocatalyzed Reduction of Organic acids by Sulfate Reducing Bacteria ise131644
Pei Kang Shen Three-dimensional Hierarchical Porous Graphene-like Networks for Fast and Highly Stable Supercapacitors ise130754
Mei Qin Shi The preparation of WC/RGO-Supported PtRu Catalysts by Underpotential Deposition of Copper ise131021
Mei Qin Shi Investigation on performance of Pd-WC/RGO catalyst as anodic catalyst for direct formic acid fuel cell ise130994
Woonsup Shin Microbial Activation of Carbon Dioxide and Functional Mimicking ise131524
Tetsuaki Shiono Self-propelled Motion of Oil Droplets on Au Electrode Driven by Sn Electrodeposition ise130474
Juan Manuel Sieben Cu@Pt-Ru and Cu@Pt-Pd core-shell nanostructured catalysts for the electro-oxidation of alcohols ise131472
Liis Siinor Mixture of 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate and 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium iodide: A Potential High Capacitance Electrolyte for EDLCs ise131076
Fernando Silva Dicationic Ionic Liquids: insight in the Electrical Double Layer Structure at Hg, GC and Au surfaces ise124732
Carolina Silva Carrillo Synthesis of Pt Np/MWCNT for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction ise130637
Susana Silva Martinez Copper Recovery under Controlled Current Steps in a Batch Recycle System ise124546
Maria Maesia Soares Gomes Eiband Application of electrochemical technology for removingPb : Viability of electroanalysis for quantifying Pb duringits elimination by Electrocoagulation ise131168
Francesca Soavi Rechargeable Li/O2 battery with Pyrrolidinium-Based Electrolyte ise130382
Guang Hui Song Synthesis and characterization of highly dispersed Pt-WC/TiO2/BC as anode catalyst for methanol oxidation ise131023
Sheila Souza Treatments integrated: electrochemical (electroxidation) and adsorption (expanded perlite) for the purification of effluents from automotive industry ise131450
Sheila Souza Electrochemical degradation of remazol red using Pt/Ti electrode ise131451
Jozsef Speder Enhanced Oxygen Reduction Activity on PEM Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts via the Optimization of Electrical Interface ise124782
Juan Squella Encapsulated nitrofluorene derivatives on multiwalled carbon nanotubes modified electrodes. ise130527
Vadim Statsjuk Effect of phosphonic acids on changes in proton-donor properties of stainless steel ise131086
Guy Stremsdoerfer Evaluation of corrosion protection of metals for hybrids coatings by comparing LPR / EIS / EFM techniques ise130974
Huaneng Su Developing High Performance Gas Diffusion Electrodes for Polybenzimidazole-based High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell ise124520
Fabienne Suedile Corrosion inhibition of zinc by Mansoa allliacea plant extract in sodium chloride media: Extraction, Characterization and Electrochemical Studies ise124509
Xiangying Sun Potential Identification For Chirality Amino Acid With Graphene Doped Molecularly Imprinted Sensor ise130496
Shi-Gang Sun Enhancing the Rate Performance of Li-rich Layered Materials of Li1.2Mn0.56Ni0.12Co0.12O2 as Cathode of Lithium-ion Battery by Composite Modification ise124793
Elena Suprun The Electrocatalytic Cycle of Cytochrome P450 2C9: Influence of Antioxidants and Vitamins A, C, E ise124809
Kentaro Suzuki Observation of Plasmon-Induced Water Oxidation Process at Au Nanostructures on Single Crystalline TiO2 Electrode ise131121
Emmamouil Symianakis Searching for stable Core-Shell catalysts from First Principles: The cases of Pt-Au and Pt-Ni nanoparticles ise131065
Kiyoko Takamura Oxidation of Ascorbic Acid through the Photo-Excitation Energy Transfer between Titanium(IV)-Porphyrin Complex and Oxygen Molecule ise124580
Tsutomu Takamura Mass Transfer Behavior of Li Particles Via the Nano-Spacing Vacancy between Solid Phases of an Electrode during Polarization ise124579
Marcos F. S. Teixeira Novel Electrochemical Biosensor Based On Mediator Ruthenium Oxo-Complex ise124448
Elvia Teran Salgado Electrochemical Synthesis of TiO2 Nanostructures ise130421
Thomas Thomberg Ultra-high rate supercapacitors based on the activated D-glucose derived micro/mesoporous carbon electrodes ise131139
Edson A. Ticianelli Investigations of the Activity and Stability of Pt-based/WC-C Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Acid Medium ise130854
Eduardo Toral Sánchez Iron modified carbon paste electrodes for voltammetric detection of As(V) ise130419
Teresa Torres Blancas Build and characterization of a modified CPE xantathe pepper for the determination of lead in solution. ise130711
Luz María Torres Rodríguex Preparation and characterization of cation exchange membranes CMX modified with electrochemically synthesized polypyrrole of two different morphologies ise131440
Tyler Trefz Sol-Gel Syntheses of Durable Metal-Oxide Hybrid Platinum Catalysts for PEMFC ise131455
Nereyda Nohemi Treviño Medina Application of Square-Wave Voltammetry to Determine the Antioxidant Activity of Larrea Tridentata Phenolic Extracts ise131287
Libuse Trnkova Elimination Voltammetry as an Effective and Sensitive Electroanalytical Tool ise131331
Shu-Yi Tsai Effect of Cation Mixing on Structural Stability and Conductivity of Mixed Conducting doped LaFeO3 Perovskite in Reducing Atmosphere ise131167
Mon-che Tsai Design of Pt-based bimetallic alloys for H2O2 oxidation: A combined computational and experimental approach ise130487
Yoshiharu Uchimoto Relationship between local structure and catalytic activity of monolayer Pt catalysts for oxygen reduction ise130542
Misa Ueno Influence of the Memory Effect on Electron Probe Micro Analyzer Mapping and Transmission Electron Microscopy in Positive Electrode of Ni-MH Batteries ise130727
M Soledad Ureta-Zañartu Electro oxidation of chlorophenols on GC electrodes modified with Fe-doped zeolites ise130394
Jorge Uribe-Godínez A New Rh/Ru-based Material and its Use as Electrocatalyst for the Oxygen Reduction and Hydrogen Oxidation Reactions ise130632
Jorge Uribe-Godínez A Bimetallic Electrocatalyst Capable to Perform the ORR and HOR in the Presence of Fuel Cell Contaminants ise130618
Gisselle Uriostegui-Ortega Electrochemical Behavior of Hydrotalcite-like materials Cu/Al and Cu/Fe ise131016
Svetlana Ushak Short –term corrosion study of metallic encapsulating materials with hydrated inorganic salts in thermal energy storage systems ise131621
Drochss Valencia From planar electrode to microelectrodes ensembles by modification of gold and copper surfaces through electrochemical reduction of 5-bromo-1,10-phenanthroline ise130699
Giovanni Valenti Electrochemiluminescent biosensor based on carbon nanotubes for the detection of marine toxin ise130847
Ana Maria Valenzuela Muñiz Electrocatalytic Behavior of Novel PtNi/MWCNT in the Oxygen Reduction Reaction ise130869
Laura Luz VALERO Artificial muscles:apparent solvation number of cations during reaction. ise132470
Gintaras Valincius Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of Tethered Bilayer Membranes ise130927
Armando Isael Vázquez Aranda An electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study of the oxidation of water on a BDD anode ise130563
Jorge Vazquez-Arenas The effects of the anodic reaction and the ohmic drop in the Cu(II) reduction on a rotating cylinder electrode ise131476
Gerardo Vázquez-Huerta Au@Pt/C Behavior as Anodic Catalyst in a PEMFC Fed with CO-H2 in the Anodic Compartment ise131326
Juvencio Vazquez-Samperio Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution Reaction in alkaline media using Hydrotalcite-like Materials Ni/Fe ise131013
Victor Vega Development of Transport Properties for Soil Corrosivity in Buried Pipeline Steel/Coating Prototypes ise131320
Adrian Velazquez Evaluation of Catalytic Activity of Au-Pd Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction ise131606
Abigail Velázquez Rosmarinus officinalis use as corrosion inhibitor carbon steel in acid solution ise130802
ELISAMA VIEIRA DOS SANTOS Applicability of Integrated Process for Removing Bromocresol Green (BG) Dye: Anodic Oxidation and Adsorption by Ion Exchange Resin ise130876
ELISAMA VIEIRA DOS SANTOS Electro-Remediation of Soil as Alternative Treatment for Removing Hydrocarbons ise130875
Matias Villalba PM-IRRAS Spectroelectrochemical study of redox probes incorporated in LbL self-assembled multilayer films ise130948
Minerva Villanueva-Rodríguez ElectroFenton process applied to the degradation of an anti-inflammatory drugs mix using BDD electrodes ise131278
Hebe de las Mercedes Villullas Ethanol Oxidation on Binary and Ternary Pt-Based Nanocatalysts containing Sn and Rh ise131574
Radovan Vukicevic Poly(acrylonitrile-co-oligo(ethylene glycol) phenyl ether acrylate) for application in lithium-ion batteries ise131541
Long Wang Study of Gas Evolution Behavior of Lithium-ion Battery via in Situ FT-IR Spectroscopy ise130488
Lianbang Wang SiOx -PANI-Ag composite as anode material for lithium-ion batteries: with controlled Si oxidation state through a magnesiothermic reduction strategy ise130819
Nianxing Wang Polyviologens: Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Properties ise130355
Nobuaki Watanabe Electrodeposition of Zn/Al-oxide Composite Films from Non-Suspended Solution ise124930
Urszula E. Wawrzyniak Synthetic Oligopeptides For Binding Of Copper(II) Ions And Studies Of Interactions With Amyloid-ß ise131298
Emilia Witkowska Nery Flexible sensors for the analysis of foodstuffs ise124604
De-Yin Wu Photoinduced Surface Catalytic Reactions of Aromatic Aniline Adsorbed on Silver Electrodes ise131646
De-Yin Wu Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reactions of Hydrated Protons on Silver and Gold Cathodes ise131647
Lifen Xiao Polyaniline/graphene composite for the construction of sulfur electrode with high capacity utilization and long cycle life ise131488
Jian Xie Improved electrochemical properties of LiV3O8 by chlorine doping ise130822
Xiuhui Xu Electrochromism of O- and S-esters ise124700
Ying Hua Xu Electrochemically Dechlorination of 3, 4, 5, 6-tetrachloropicolinic acid using a Zinc Cathode ise130997
Claudia Yanez Chemical Immobilization of AminoCyclodextrin on Carbon Surface ise131268
Wei-Hua Yang The Promoting Effect of nm-PbO2 on Pt Black for Ethanol Electrooxidation ise130464
Lijie Yang Effects of SEI on the Capacity Loss of LiCoO2 Electrodes in Lithium Ion Batteries ise130766
yongwei ye Formation and Transformation of Mg(OH)2 in Anodic Coatings of Magnesium Alloy by FTIR Mapping ise131546
In-Hyeong Yeo Nanocrystalline LiMPO4 (M= Fe, Mn, Co) Cathodes Synthesized by Hydrothermal Processes with Various Surfactants ise124572
In-Hyeong Yeo Layer-Structured LiMnO2 and Li2MnO3 Nanoparticle and Polypyrrole Composite Film Cathodes ise124570
Min Yin Nitrogen-containing Carbon Coated CNTs as Supports of Pd-based Catalysts for Methanol Oxidation in Alkaline Media ise130827
Seung Joon Yoo ‘Polymeric Ionic Liquid/Carbon Black’ Composite as a Green Supporting Electrolyte ise124872
Nobuko Yoshimoto Ionic Conductance Behavior of Polymeric Gel Electrolyte Consisting of Network Polymer Using Rotaxane Structure for Mg Batteries ise124792
Jong-Sung Yu Synthesis of á-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles Using Glycine as an Ultrahigh Capacity Anode Material in Lithium Ion Battery ise130843
Yingchao Yu Imaging Pt-Co Catalysts Electrochemical Corrosion Process by In-Situ Electron Microscopy ise131141
Griselda Zambrano-Rengel Electrochemical Characterization of Ceramic Nanoparticles as Containers for Cooper Corrosion Inhibitor ise131150
Ildefonso Zamudio Industrial Ti Plate Anodizing of Irregular Surfaces for Obtaining TiO2 Nanotubes in Organic Media ise130741
Ildefonso Zamudio Ti Electrodes with TiO2 Nanotubes Surfaces as anodes in Electroremediation of Soils ise130746
Juqin Zeng A mesoporous carbon based cathode for high performance Li-O2 cells ise131152
Jorge Zerbino The gold oxide grown in the confined aqueous layer in contact with chloroform ise130658
Lingling Zhang Effect of Additives on High Voltage and Improvement of Thermal Stability for Lithium-ion Cells ise130767
Qin Zhang Large-area Mono-layer Graphene Supported by Substrate for Glucose Electrochemical Biosensing Application ise130818
Pinjie Zhang One pot synthesis of controllable PANI@Sn@Cu core-shell nanomaterials as precursors to high performance C@Cu-Sn anodes for Li-ion batteries ise130816
Jie Zhang SECM Studies of Confined Etchant Layer Technique ise131549
Feng Ming Zhao Preparation of different Ti/TiO2 structure electrodesand their application in electroreduction of oxalic acid ise130999
Ying Hong Zhu Electro-synthesis of anisaldehyde on manganese oxide/carbon nanotubes composite electrode ise130996
Yng Hong Zhu The direct electro-synthesis of p-methoxybenzaldehyde in different ionic liquids ise131018
Yongchun Zhu Electrochemistry of Single Yeast Cell on Methylene Blue Modified Platinum Microelectrode by CV and EIS ise124565
Veronika Zinovyeva Electrochemical Behavior of Uranium Complexes in Ionic Liquids Based on Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide and Bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide Anions ise130814
Christian David Zuluaga Escobar Modeling of the Behavior of an Anticorrosive with EIS in Field Exposure ise131625
José M. Bisang Hydrogen peroxide production with a three-dimensional rotating cylinder electrode ise124557
Renat Nazmutdinov Solvent Dynamics Effects in Heterogeneous Bond Breaking Electron Transfer: a New Challenge ise131239
Margarita Stoytcheva Pulsed Amperometric Detection of Paraoxon by Organophosphorus Hydrolase Modified Electrode ise130893